Bill Ballard – High Energy Exchange Work Offered To Help Others Ascension Process – 12 November 2013

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Hey Hey Beautiful People! I have explored methods of what I would LOVE to build for a High Energy Exchange and way to have some income for my LIGHT, Frequency, and services I have to offer above and beyond donations. I did have to resolve what I felt about certain subjects that were projected towards me in comments, emails and private messages relating to my last video on offering this High Energy Exchange for money to obtain simple things I need from the 3-4D world.

This video discusses what I can offer to others and my choice on where I stand in relation to all the subjects and current situation in response to messages I have received. I know for certain I have not explored all subject matter relating to this and things will certainly change as this creation expands. I am certainly flexible and willing to work with others best I can and know every individual’s personal situation will be unique and I can work spanning across most of the experiences persons are having with their ascension process.

I am offering my help to those who are not getting answers from their spiritual community, or having ascension symptoms that cannot be answered by Natropaths and Natural foods stores or doctors who themselves are not going through their ascension process and able to relate and incorporate their experience. Many persons have spoken to me about Yoga Studios who teach Kundalini or Prana Yoga but where the teachers themselves have not made the bliss of making that a perpetual state of being via activation of the heart chakra, not simply opening it. There are others who are having issues with manifestation or personal clearings and detox or emotional debris and blockages who are also requesting help. I can also be considered a Life Coach for those on their spiritual path. My work spans the spectrum of ascension and what others are experiencing as we collectively go through this process. I have been consciously going through my process for dozens of years now.

For those who KNOW ME know that it is not about nor ever has been about money with me. In this present situation on Earth there is still needed $$$ to exchange to have certain things I cannot simply grow or make construct or manifest myself… Money is the method still in use until what time we go into a new stage of energy exchange. With that, I am setting this method up to help others and at the same time create a method for return energy back to myself.

Thank you to all who have decided to work with me as an energy exchange monetarily for helping them go through their personal ascension process.

Bill Ballard

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