Lucas – A Cord Dancing Act – 11 November 2013

By Magnus Manske

In a personal multidimensional experience ride I have been. It was walking on a thin line to overcome  again some unexpected and or expected fears popping up. It was clear as I like some many others had a big blast of challenges. The cleaning of the body is still going on. The changes of the body make up are next to the feelings and emotions and the last deep multilayered  peelings the big bulk to go through .

It is all part of the process we all experience and perceive as we have to face it everyone for ourselves.  It is ok if you still belief or perceive nothing is happening. It is ok if you still think you already got it all happening for you and you ascended already.  It is ok if you still think to be left behind or not worthy. It all just are perceptions that can change in a second. Like the ongoing shift in emotion swings, you will see it will balance out and it will not be that difficult as in the past to get it back in the middle.

It is the ongoing balancing act we are going to be in till we are totally ready. In this multiverse of constant change nothing is going to be staying for long, even perceptions.  The long for prepared balancing artist is making you bridge immense heights and obstacles just on a little string of energy that always reaches across. It is more and more you come to see that tiny scary rope of energy for you becomes a big road to walk across quickly and with ease.

The ongoing shifts in perceptions and your inner changes as well the perceived outside world and dimensional changes you will make it a bit strange to feel strong emotions and still feel also that inner-peace.  The novelty will wear off eventually. The peace part is the center.  I myself see so many changes happening all pulling themselves even in working seemingly against each other towards the finish line where all is for all the best outcome. That is the fun part. All believing to be there first or even thinking to be the ones that made it with or without their personal or group agendas without left behind,etc , will be surprised to see where they all end up.

That place is for all the same wonderful starting point.  You all had already your ropes that where tremendously vast to be your roads over, beneath, between and just around obstacles. Sometimes you fell off your rope to climb on again and make it a second time or even a third. It is al just that act we as artists of light are learning. We are the living examples of that what will become. Be reassured there will be no beginning nor end to this. As all just is now and is as you and source wanted it to be now.  Is that difficult to understand? Maybe now, but it gets easier every time.

Be as a great artist that will be applauded when all of you will make it to that finish line. That place you all can bow and receive your standing ovations. After that we can take a jump into the new together. Even when now a lot is showing to be the totally opposite in your surroundings and is seen as dead, destructions, decay, sickness, structures and beliefs that are crushed and falling apart. You will find your inner dance of bringing all in balance via your heart-source connection to be telling you the real story of  the price winning balance act artist you are.

Love and Light,


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  2. beautiful, Lucas…thank you…much love to you! ♥