The Dinar Fiasco – So Many False Prophets – 12 November 2013

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  • Reality Check – In the Kingdom of the Blind where the Hell is it all heading and what is Truth any longer? Has hope died? Let’s help parties get REAL!

Great disservice is done by grossly irresponsible self-proclaimed” Guru Sites”. Damn them all!

How do we try to tactfully assist so many desperate cases understand, and come to terms with the FACT, REALITY!!, that the Western world has run out of money. Can’t pay! THERE – IS – NO – MONEY! Why should anyone feed our dreams? It won’t be America.

Is that really too hard to understand? Existing systems are bankrupt- some beyond infinity.

Yes, we know fully of the vast Off Balance Sheet systems of assets held, but for who? These are NOT your funds, nor do you even have title to them.

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