Google Seeks Patent For Lie-Detecting Neck Tattoo – 13 November 2013

RT logo(Lucas : This is the way deranged enthusiastic scientists and tech freaks make a fascistic corporate control state and world happening where everything you do is watched, monitored, registered and controlled. The transhuman agenda is going on and these are the sort of things  merging human and tech together they do to make it happen when implemented. It is about a few people controlling the world with a bit of tech that  makes humans just nothing more than controlled robots.)

Google has applied for a patent for a temporary neck tattoo that would emit an electronic signal capable of connecting to a mobile device and working as a lie detector.

Motorola Mobility, which is owned by Google, has submitted an application for what is effectively an adhesive device “that compromises an electronic skin tattoo capable of being applied to a throat region of the body.”

While a low percentage of patents ever become actual products, the intent behind this latest filing appears to be to allow a person to wear the tattoo on their neck while keeping their mobile device in their pocket. The temporary tattoo would transmit the conversation from the individual’s mouth to the mobile phone, for example, and could make it easier for them to communicate hands-free.

The patent filing suggests the device would be used by security teams working in noisy atmospheres or by undercover police who would need to hide their communication devices.

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