Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 14 November 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

November 14, 2013


There is talk that we are within 2 weeks or so of the “event”. Here is a description:

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Early on in our conversation, you mentioned an “event” as well. Would you comment on this? On both the timing (2 weeks) and the description here?

Thank you.
Much love,

Good day Sophia!

About the moment of Justice, from now on humanity can activate “event” at any moment, like I know now all the preparations for this are complete within the Followers of Light side. They will act like they said only when humanity will be ready to meet them, this means most of the world population and most of the governments, mainly world “super powers” which You know.

Until that moment they will continue to make “tweaks” and acceleration of Consciousness’ full awareness awakening. Majority is now at optimal awakening that is medium by our calculations, thanks to the internet and lightworkers works (meant special agents here, not all workers).

I will give Everyone that really want it to happen as soon as possible these points.
To increase the pace for this event, which we call Moment of Justice, this can be done:

1. Revelation and understanding of ETs presence above this world.

2. NSA inner structure reveal which connects to illuminati order and majestic 12 structures.

3. Integration of new technologies that challenges this current fossil/combustion system and defense of these technologies from “multibillion corporations”.

4. Possible abundant riots with an intent to reveal and acknowledge the presence of ET civilizations right here and right now above this planet.

5. The will of a whole or most of humanity for ETs to reveal themselves. In this case it is not necessary to speak loudly about it, it can be sufficient if People will simply “want” it. Something Everyone can do.

Right now none of these objectives is met/number of People willing for this to happen is not enough as well. But everything from this is increasing with each passing moment. Soon all will be met.

These are the prerequisites for this event to occur. Event is indeed “within the grasp”. Get ready and be ready to make it happen. That is going to be the worst nightmare of illuminati order/cabal secret societies like we see.

Peace, Calm and Prosperity! / link to original article

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