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John Ward – “Whole World Is Businessphobic,” Rages Melon, Threatens Ban On every Information Source Everywhere – 15 November 2013

fallontitleBusiness terrorist fanatic Ich’fala Melon

Mad-Mullah Businessist in paranoid rant

One-time Libor-rate arsonist and prominent Un-Business Committee Heretic Prosecution member Ich’fala Melon received a euphoric reception last night when he addressed the Blankfein Holy Sepulchre League in New York. Continue reading

TheVaticProject – U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge! – 15 November 2013

The Vatic Project

Vatic Note:  I find it amusing that the feds gave all this military equipment to the local sheriffs who are now using it against the feds.  I call that poetic Justice.  They tried to bribe them with this militarized equipment and training, and now its turned and bit them on the butt.  Sometimes, irony is so doggone  satisfying.  This is one of those times.

U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!

Read the whole article at:  www.vaticproject.blogspot.com / link to original article

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Obamacare ‘Fix’ Affirms Obama As Absolute Dictator With Power To Change Laws As He Pleases – 15 November 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) In a desperate bid to save the rapidly collapsing Obamacare socialized medicine program, President Obama announced a “fix” yesterday that would “allow” health insurance companies to avoid cancelling whatever plans haven’t already been cancelled due to Obamacare itself.

In doing so, Obama effectively declares himself absolute dictator over all laws across the country, assuming the power to enforce, ignore or alter laws at he pleases. Continue reading

John Ward – The Creation Of A Shadow State: The True Meaning Of “Business Friendly” – 15 November 2013

camGAFtitleWe should always fear those who don’t listen

If you ever get the feeling that politicians and top Sir Humphreys don’t listen, well, confirmation is coming your way. A new study in the US suggests that junior bureaucrats certainly think that: it recorded that less than 1 in 10 think ‘leaders’ wanted to hear anything that might blow their preconceptions off course. A further quarter felt that 1 or 2 Sir Humphreys might have an ear cocked, but Minister’s never do. And about two thirds of respondents said the channels for sharing working practices weren’t good enough. Even more shocking (but not amazing to me at all) is that 29% didn’t know either way – almost certainly because they never meet the top wallies. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Lily Dane – Blogger Jailed For Contempt Of An Unconstitutional Order – 15 November 2013

An Alabama blogger messed with the wrong guy and is now sitting in jail on contempt charges.

Roger Shuler is a prominent investigative journalist who writes about high-profile political figures and political corruption in Alabama on his blog, Legal Schnauzer. He blogged about an alleged affair between a lobbyist and Rob Riley, the son of former Alabama governor Bob Riley. Continue reading

Abraham-Hicks – Contrast And The Purpose Of Life – 15 November 2013

Uploaded on 27 July 2009 by autoayudaespiritual Abraham~ Contrast and the purpose of life.
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Steve Lendman – Former Fed Official Apologizes – 15 November 2013

StevelendmanAndrew Huszar is a former Fed official. In 2009 and 2010, he managed its $1.25 trillion mortgaged-backed security purchase program.
He’s a former Morgan Stanley managing director. He’s currently a Rutgers Business School senior fellow. He’s a QE confessor.
He witnessed Bernanke’s scam up close and personal. It benefits Wall Street. It ignores Main Street. Bernanke planned it that way. Continue reading