Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 16 November 2013


My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Life just “is” and you get to choose how you experience and label it. You get to label life as “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” “desirable” or “deplorable.” Through the way you choose to interpret the simple facts of life, you get to create a happy or a sad experience of reality.

Most of your labels were programmed into you in early childhood. You can choose to change them. What if, for example, every time you spilled the milk, your parents said to you, “Oh how pretty! Look at all that white liquid running all over! I wonder if we can mop it up quickly! Here let us see who can clean this up faster! Ready, set, go!” What if every time you made a so-called mistake, those around you said, “Congratulations! You made a mistake! You have taken a risk! You are learning! We are so proud of you!” What if everytime someone was angry at you, those around said to you, “Oh I’m so sorry that this person is hurting so much that they had to take their anger out on you. Let us join our hands and hearts and pray that they feel better soon.” We offer these suggestions, dear ones, to help you see that most of your interpretations of life were given to you in childhood. Now, you as adults, get to choose whether or not they make you happy.

Next time something upsets you, ask yourself, “What are the facts of the situation? Can I choose an interpretation that makes me feel better? Can I choose to label this situation in such a way that it empowers me, rather than steals my God given right to feel love in this moment? Can I look at my normal conditioning and decide if that is what I want to keep… or would I rather create a different interpretation of reality?”

The sun rises every morning. You get to choose if that is a positive experience or not. “Oh look, that horrible blinding light is coming through my windows shining into my eye and waking me up,” or “Oh how beautiful that warm sun feels on my face, bringing life, awakening my spirit into this new day, a brand new chance to create a brand new reality.”

A loving interpretation of reality, dear ones, is the best interpretation of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Hi Everyone,

By normal human standards, the day I channeled this newsletter could easily have been labeled a “bad” day. I had planned to do my newsletter, run errands, and have a few repairmen over for simple repairs. Instead I couldn’t get the angels to give me their half of the newsletter at all. Nothing came when I sat down to channel, so I gave up and did some long-needed work around the house. An hour before the repair guys came, I went to run errands and discovered my car had a totally flat tire. While inflating it as best I could, I called the repairmen, who kindly re-scheduled, then drove to the tire repair place, praying for safety all the way. The tire guys were completely sweet and accommodating, and fixed the flat in record time. I was pretty happy with how I’d handled the situation.

I thought I was done with the day’s surprises until one of the repairmen came in to give me his estimate. “I have bad news,” he said. “Just news,” I told myself, resolving to handle even this with grace. He proceeded to list all the things wrong and quoted me a price for repairs that in the past would have made me pass out or at least have serious heart palpitations. I dropped into my heart, felt the guidance, and simply said, “OK, lets schedule the repair.” He looked at me, “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes I replied. God will provide. I just asked Him.” “OK,” he replied, then continued. “You know I don’t do many service calls anymore but you’ve been a good, positive client, and I’m going to come out and repair it myself. All the younger guys come to me to ask questions and since this is such a complicated repair I want it done right.” “Thank you,” I replied with great sincerity. Inwardly I prayed, “Thank you God.” Had I hesitated to schedule the repair for fear of how I’d pay for it, someone less experienced would have been sent to do the work. Once again I felt the love of God – not the stress usually associated with big bills and less-than-desirable surprises.

I was still praying with gratitude when suddenly incredible warmth and streams of blissful energy started flowing through my heart and then through my entire body. I felt as if a river of love was pouring through and around every cell. As I opened my heart even further, the flow got so strong that I was nearly dizzy. It was blissful, breathtaking, and pleasurable beyond any energy I have ever felt. It flowed through me from the inside out and made me feel intensely alive. It felt like love, but way more than the love we human beings associate with love. It was part of my being, flowing through my being, and yet I felt I was also flowing through it. I have very few words to accurately describe the beauty of the experience. This continued for over four hours. At times I thought I would burst, but instead I surrendered more deeply, felt more flow, more warmth, and more bliss. After awhile I didn’t even feel as if my body was solid. I felt myself as pure light.

At long last I begged God to slow it down. I was hungry and needed to cook dinner. I had forgotten all about the newsletter until the angels started dictating it to me so quickly I had to leave dinner in the oven and run to the computer to type it all in.

All this occurred because I have been choosing – over and over again – to interpret life in the light of truth. In recent months, I’ve fallen badly twice, had accidents, needed repairs, had flat tires, been the target of people’s upsets, and more. In every case I’ve chosen, using free will to focus on the fact that God’s love is present and available in any given situation, just waiting to be seen, recognized, and felt. Focusing on the love helped me heal my body, hear my guidance, handle the challenges, and best of all feel this love in ways I never dreamed or imagined. When I wrote Love is the River, I had no idea I’d feel the River of Love quite like this!

In my Magical Self Love class we do some powerful exercises that illustrate the point of today’s newsletter – life happens and we are the ones who decide how it will be interpreted. I choose these days, to interpret reality through the filters of God’s love, provision, and care. You can too!

This week, try to focus on the love that is and always has been there for all of us. Look for it, imagine it if you must, and affirm it every where you see it. Living this way allows you to hear your heart, handle difficult situations more easily, and avoid attracting further negativity. It helps you see the proverbial “silver lining” in the clouds, because the sunshine of God’s love is always there, just waiting to burn off the darkness when we choose to focus on the light.

Life happens…. Why not interpret it in a way that makes you feel amazing!

Have a beautiful week!
I love you all,
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