Lucas – A Mirror Palace Of Illusions – 16 November 2013 a lot of observations and things I myself see happening the common thread is still not seeing what is really shown.  Yes, a difficult matter to find yourself a way out. Thinking to know or see and seeing just nothing for real as you’re perceiving it still in a different way.  It all is summed up by just seeing all those mirror images and forgetting you see just a mirror that does what it is made for to do as it reflects light in a certain way.

We still are learning to grasp to see that we are kept by that mirror palace that is put out there in a certain way for you to be perceiving things. It is often scary to see things as they really are… If you only see the image produced and not the projector producing it onto that screen that shows the image you miss out on the reality behind the images. There is a certain disconnect from reality.  It is where lots of us are struggling with.

We need to step out of just seeing only the projected images or the illusions that are kept in place by your perceived beliefs, structures, etc,  to see it in a certain way or by your ego mind that tries to protect your lively hood by fear and survival mode and also keeps your split images or duality going. If  you step out of it and first recognize that you can see beyond the images, the fears, the ego and survivalist you, you will begin to see another picture. You can perceive there is something that made you think there was a certain view on things , a certain picture to see. You expected it to be so and so.

The more you can see the things from that other perspective on things that is more viewing things from a higher inner-self view you will get to see things not only shown to be different on the screen projected but also see how it is manifested through you to become that. It is opening up your real view on things. The mirror palace of illusions  is fading away and makes place for that what you want to see consciously and from your higher inner-self connected with all there is.

All is an ongoing process that is for all of us different. We will find all home without a doubt as your inner-compass will find the way back even when often reading it is disrupted.  We are here to experience all of this from our higher-self  connection that will find the way through the heart into the new to be One in all and just One of all.  It is happening now and nothing can stop the process even if sometimes perceived or chosen to be perceived that way.  The individual oneness within will bring the collective oneness about.

Love and Light,


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