John Ward – Analysis: Camerlot Has Completed The Process Of Turning John Bull Into A Rent-Boy – 17 November 2013

JohnW….and Britannia into a cheap-trick hooker

To ensure that nobody misses the reality of London’s existence as a City State on an entirely different planet to the rest of us, the UK capital is to get it’s own email dot address, for example I think we can be fairly certain that our future Mussolini has arranged for this – no doubt using the freely available hackers’ broadband, aka Newscorp. The Evening Standard led with “We got a dot” as its headline to celebrate the donation of Ancient Athenian credentials to Big L….and given the Mayor’s fluency in ancient Greek, I suspect it is only a matter of time before a large horse unexpectedly turns up next to the Palace of Westminster.

But just when one thought that the brainless evil of the Tory! Tory! Tory! tendency was finally without limits, up pops the ever baby-faced Foreign Secretary to remark (with a straight face) that social mobility via education isn’t working any more, and he thinks we should all be giving serious thought as to why this is. Personally I don’t need to, as the reason is obvious. The greatest period of social mobility in the UK – by miles – was that which occurred between 1946 and 1968: almost entirely due to the very high standards and free nature of Grammar School and University education.

Labour’s public school clowns first surgically removed our globally-envied Grammar School standards with Comprehensive anarchy, and Gove’s team are now busy giving the famed and coveted British University status away to the scam-merchant with the fattest wallet. The writing was on the wall with Cameron when one of his first acts as leader in 2007 was to drop the Conservative commitment to restore Grammar schools – something about which 1922 supremo Graham Brady resigned, but which few Tories wish to discuss any more. One would be wasting one’s time expecting the privileged Etonian son of a tax-evading stockbroker wideboy to understand the role played by Grammar schools in producing genuine equality in Britain; but I do find it a bit odd that the thinking man’s Eddie Waring is still puzzling about why things have gone awry.

Maybe the Mekon has other politics in mind. I understand he is not a happy bunny at present. Who knows what he might say or do next.

Both the above items have one Thing in common – the Rupert from Hell – but in turn they also represent a microcosm of what both London and the UK now are: buttock-sphincters selling themselves to the highest bidder with the lowest morals. We chase business from China for money, we allow Chinese-built reactors here to save money, we bend the law and rubbish the BBC to get moneybags Murdoch into the BBC, the education system, and God knows what else…on and on it goes.

We allow the EU to dictate bonkers human rights rules, affirmative actions, and fascist anti-free-speech laws because of sleazy trade arrangements. We watch as real police work is abandoned in favour of EU pc, and the fitting up of BBC DJs as a distraction from sexual depravity among the powerful. We forget that the Terence Higgins Trust was cut off without a penny in order to curry favour with private health lobbyists, how the countryside and Green Belt are to be sacrificed to the construction industry, and why we have a Health Secretary intimately connected to that same US insurance axis.

The US too is a recurrent theme: bogus US degrees replacing the real ones we used to award, and of course we come finally full circle back to William Vague, the man who has been waving his bum at Washington since the day after the last General Election.

What an unappealing, sad-making sight Cruel Britannia is: the ageing hag who once went out as a missionary teacher to the world now has tertiary syphilis already affecting its thinking mechanisms. It still has plenty of willing pimps, but it lacks a single genuine nurse to care for it.

Most of us are in one way or another to blame for this. But few more so than the current crop of Shapps-Hunts, Osborne-Fallons and Grayling-Mays, still pushing the old girl out onto the street in search of cheaper and cheaper tricks.

It’s a post-imperial mess, and in many ways predictable, but it isn’t nice to watch. As we pause to remember a tragic assassination half a century ago, a recurring thought I have is that we need crack-marksman sharpshooters more than ever before. / link to original article

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