Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Entire Body Radiates The Signal – 17 November 2013

LarryLarsonInner Circle Reader: If LOA is a law, like gravity, why doesn’t it work all the time?

The Law of Attraction is always on. There is no place or time where it does not work. So the difficulty you encounter most often in getting it to work for you is recognition of your own vibration. There is more than one of you in there; your body is a collection of independently conscious beings drawn together for a common purpose. Each cell of your body is expressing desire and allowing the flow of life spirit energy in the best way that it can.

When you put forth a desire consciously, it is most often from your head, and the rest of you may not be so convinced. You must take the desires that you are convinced of in your head and take them to your heart; and then you must take them to your body. You’ve got to make the desired state of being so real in your imagination that your body feels as if it is taking part, that you actually have and are living in your desired state. You must convince your gut that they are real.

You don’t just send that signal out with your head. Your entire body radiates the signal that is your vibrational focus, and when you have agreement with your body, your heart and your head, then you are sending out the kind of signal that the Universe must respond to immediately. You can’t just pretend that you don’t have doubt or fear, you’ve got to totally convince yourself–your whole body–that you are living in the experience you desire, at least for 10 or 15 minutes, morning and night.

Then as you go through your day don’t allow yourself to contradict that vibration. In other words you cannot indulge yourself in projecting thoughts that are frightening or scornful when those things would not be a part of your desired experience. You cannot be enjoying a wonderful life in your imagination for 10 or 15 minutes, and then be all cranky for the rest of the day. The vibrations don’t match.

And we know that as you go through your day your circumstances don’t exactly match up with what you are desiring. At the same time though you must consciously choose to maintain the vibration of having your desire, in any way that you can. This is why focusing upon the good things of your day–no matter how small or insignificant they may seem–is a good strategy. Those happy things are in alignment with the world you are trying to create for yourself. Those happy things are going to make the trip with you. They are your allies. They are the components of your field that are already in agreement with the happy life you are trying to create.

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