Lisa Gawlas – Just A sharing… – 17 November 2013

lisagawlas2First and foremost, thank you all for your warmth and love, personal stories and well wishes.  There is no way I can reply back to each and every one of you personally.  Please know, I have read every email, every facebook sharing, every blog sharing and you fill me with so much wonder and joy and true love.  I do want to especially thank Mrs. Claus (smile, wink) for sharing the eddie fisher song “oh my papa” on my blog wall yesterday, I listened to it just before I went to sleep last evening, I realized I never heard that song before and I cried tears of love thru the entire song.  Thank you for that gift!!

I do want you to know as well, I am not sad at all with my fathers passing, not even a little bit.  I do get overwhelmed with love and memories that run like waterfalls down my cheeks and the taste is filled with sweetness and gratitude.

I think the reason I have no sadness is because whatever bond my father and I created during these last 6 weeks, became so strong that it transcends the veil.  As I was typing out my sharing yesterday, he started reminding me of my promise to him before he left.  I assured him I would stay here to help Linda thru the transition.  I was planning on flying back home on Wed the 20th and decided to change it to Monday the 25th.  I will have a 5 and a half hour layover in Denver (from 3:30 pm til 8:55 pm…. we can finally have our get together, who ever may still be up for a long dinner together!!)

As my dad was reminding me of my promise, he also said he stayed by our sides all day on the 15th and only crossed over back into the light after he completely depleted mine and Linda’s energy and we passed out about 8pm.  He obviously had a lot of company that evening, I took some pictures out here in the yard after realizing the (almost) full moon had an amazing rainbow halo around it.  Let me share some pictures with you:

rainbow moon

orbs of love

He was so excited when he found out I brought my orb capturing camera and started taking photos in his house and all the orbs that were around him, that it doesn’t surprise me at all, he made sure he and his “party” got captured for us all to see as well.

He also told me he was taking this weekend to restore his energy back to full and spent some of the day yesterday sharing the images of what he was going thru.  The first place reminded me of like a massive shower that rained down on his own energy field, restoring and repairing the tears from his labors in physical life.  Several hours after that, he showed me his meeting with his “team” and little snippets of their conversations together.  They were going over his life and the beauty was that he had healed so much before he left this plane.  I could feel his gratitude for finally allowing his heart to open here on earth, as he spent a lifetime behind bricks and mortar.

I told him I didn’t need to see anymore and I know he needs this weekend to himself, he assured me he will be fully powered up by Monday, which is the day of his funeral.  He really is oddly excited about Monday, and I say oddly because he was so adamant about not having a funeral and now he is working overtime to make sure he is restored to be fully present on this day.

I have spent this morning looking at the numbers surrounding my fathers ascent back Home.  He started on November 11th, my spiritual birthday. His hospice room number was 525, and of course he was on the 5th floor.  He passed at 4:55 but since I cannot pronounce his time of death, the nurse pronounced him dead at 5:05.  He passed on the 15th and when you add up his entire month, date and year of passing it comes to a 14.  I have started my 14th year on this path, which of course reduces to a 5 in numerology.   5′s and double 5′s are everywhere around his transition, which also happens to be my life path number too.  Chaos and change.

I also think back to the meditation I had before his passing, his presence on that cloud with me, watching the Light of the universe embed itself into the energy wheel on the Mesa.  There is no doubt we are all going to get schooled on how to fully live the energy of Shambhala from him and Jorge and I cannot wait for that to start!!

I am going to take at least a few days off once I get back to New Mexico.  I have all of November booked off of my online calendar and at least for now, I am going to keep it like that.  For all those waiting to reschedule, December is wide open and we are going to rock our way into 2014 together.  Please go to the reschedule zone and get yourself on my schedule please.  ( I will also be sending everyone who is waiting to reschedule an email out later today (my laptop battery is close to dead right now… gotta recharge first.)

I am so flipping excited to start our re-connections again, knowing, it has all changed since we last seen each other on the field together.

I love and appreciate you more than my words will ever be able to express.  Thank you for loving me and supporting me, and my family thru this amazing time in our lives.

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to all,

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