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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Princeton To Use Students As Vaccine Experiment Subjects With Rollout Of Non-Approved Meningitus Vaccine – 17 November 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Princeton University is poised to move forward on a plan that would transform the entire student body into human guinea pigs for a campus-wide vaccine medical experiment. Responding to nothing more than a handful of students contracting mild meningitis (and then fully recovering), Princeton now wants to inject ALL students with a vaccine that isn’t even approved for use in the United States, thereby making it a vaccine experiment with unknown outcomes that must, by definition, include risk. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Just A sharing… – 17 November 2013

lisagawlas2First and foremost, thank you all for your warmth and love, personal stories and well wishes.  There is no way I can reply back to each and every one of you personally.  Please know, I have read every email, every facebook sharing, every blog sharing and you fill me with so much wonder and joy and true love.  I do want to especially thank Mrs. Claus (smile, wink) for sharing the eddie fisher song “oh my papa” on my blog wall yesterday, I listened to it just before I went to sleep last evening, I realized I never heard that song before and I cried tears of love thru the entire song.  Thank you for that gift!! Continue reading

WakingTimes – Brandon Pearce – Breaking The Barriers Of Belief – 17 November 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Last week, I had a few interactions that reminded me how much our attachment to our beliefs can keep us from truth, growth, and freedom. I was surprised at how often we choose comfort over truth, even when it means restriction and repression. And how terrifying it can be to seek truth at all costs.

The path to truth isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it’s frightening, painful, and unsettling. Likewise, a life of comfort is often riddled with self-deceit, stagnation, and limitations. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Entire Body Radiates The Signal – 17 November 2013

LarryLarsonInner Circle Reader: If LOA is a law, like gravity, why doesn’t it work all the time?

The Law of Attraction is always on. There is no place or time where it does not work. So the difficulty you encounter most often in getting it to work for you is recognition of your own vibration. There is more than one of you in there; your body is a collection of independently conscious beings drawn together for a common purpose. Each cell of your body is expressing desire and allowing the flow of life spirit energy in the best way that it can. Continue reading

Villagers Mob U.S. Aid Choppers As Philippine Relief Effort Spreads – 17 November 2013


Mobbed by hungry villagers, U.S. military helicopters dropped desperately needed aid into remote areas of the typhoon-ravaged central Philippines, as survivors of the disaster flocked to ruined churches on Sunday to pray for their uncertain future. The Philippines is facing up to an enormous rebuilding task from Typhoon Haiyan, which killed at least 3,681 people and left 1,186 missing, with many isolated communities yet to receive significant aid despite a massive international relief effort. Philippine authorities and international aid agencies face a mounting humanitarian crisis, with the number of people displaced by the catastrophe estimated at 4 million, up from 900,000 late last week. President Benigno Aquino, caught off guard by the scale of the disaster and criticized by some for the sometimes chaotic response, visited affected areas on Sunday. Not for the first time, he sought to deflect blame for the problems onto local authorities whose preparations he said had fallen short. In Guiuan, a hard-hit coastal town in eastern Samar province, he praised the city mayor for conducting a proper evacuation that had limited deaths to less than 100, saying that was a contrast to other towns. “In other places, I prefer not to talk about it. As your president, I am not allowed to get angry even if I am already upset. I’ll just suffer through it with an acidic stomach.” While aid packages have begun to reach more remote areas, much of it carried by helicopters brought by the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, the United Nations said people were still going hungry in some mountainous provinces. It said information about several provinces in the west of the Visayas region remained “limited”, with 60 percent of people in towns in the northeast part of Capiz province needing food support. “I remain concerned about the health and well-being of the millions of men, women and children who are still in desperate need,” U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said in a statement. U.S. AID REACHES REMOTE AREAS In Cabungaan, a village in the interior of Leyte province’s Tanauan district – where as many as 1,200 died – the arrival of a U.S. Seahawk helicopter on Sunday was the first outside help since Haiyan made landfall. With children in the lead, scores of villagers ran from jury-rigged shanties to greet the helicopter as it settled in a flattened patch of grass. Locals jostled for a view, beaming and yelling “Thank you! Thank you!” as two crew members rushed out aid marked “from the American people.” For the past week, the village’s 200-plus residents had been living on one meal a day of “dried fish, sometimes coconuts, not enough rice,” said Richel Maballo, 19. Too far from the shore to be hit by the surge of water that devastated the regional capital Tacloban city, the village suffered no deaths. Back in the air, a member of the aircraft’s crew, Jeremy Smith, scribbled in a notebook: “That LZ (landing zone) was tame compared to others where the aircrafts have been mobbed.” The government estimated damage to infrastructure and agriculture at about 10 billion pesos ($230 million), the bulk of it in the farming sector. The United Nations warned that economic and human costs could rise if aid did not reach farmers in rice-growing regions in time for the next planting season in December and January. It also said that fishing, another crucial food source, had been placed in jeopardy by the storm. “The destruction of boats, fishing gear, fish ponds and related equipment left many families with no means of livelihood and decreased protein intake,” the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said. In Tacloban, church-goers in the deeply religious Roman Catholic-majority country knelt in prayer in the shells of ruined churches. At Santo Niño Church near the waterfront, Rosario Capidos, 55, sat crying in one row, hugging her nine-year-old grandson. Capidos had been sheltering at home with nine other members of her family when Haiyan struck on November 8. As the waters rose, she floated her three grandchildren on a slab of styrofoam through a road flooded with debris and shipping containers to a nearby Chinese temple. Her family survived. “That’s why I’m crying,” she said. “I thank God I was given a second chance to live.”

By Almasry Alyoum

www.egypt.com / link to original article

John Ward – Dear Ed Miliband, How To Romp Home With A Huge Majority In 2015 – 17 November 2013

JohnWA Prologue

One or two of us have noticed that you appear to be lacking in clues when it comes to putting some Blue Labour Red Socialist water between you and the Camerlot Coalition for the forthcoming 2015 bunfight. And being an even-handed chap on the side of decency, I have reached the conclusion that your indecency quotient is a good 25% lower than that of the perfectly appalling Tory Sheister tendency. Although you are of course almost entirely useless, these days life is more about the lesser of evils than the best alternative. So you’ll just have to do. Continue reading

Sandra Walter – Full Moon Weekend: Release In Order To Receive – 17 November 2013

SandraWalterThis is a powerful Full Moon weekend. Preparation for the November 23-29 gateway takes focus as these light waves amplify. Remember great Cosmic factors are aligning to accelerate the Shift.

Your participation is key – to receive the new energies from the Universe, you must release the old. Let’s take a look at what does not serve the higher path and do the work: Continue reading

TPP: High Treason! Obama’s Secret Meeting To Give Corporations Ultimate Power – 17 November 2013

Uploaded on 16 November 2013 by RevolutionNewz Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Ronnie Cummins : Did The Anti-GMO Movement Really Lose In Washington? – 17 November 2013

laura-of-the-rocksThanks to Mitch for sending me the link to the excellent article copied below my initial comments. I appreciate the way Ronnie Cummins evaluates GMO labeling from a multi-tiered perspective that also recognizes these corporations’ attempts to circumvent all local and state labeling or banning laws. As I have mentioned many times before, I view GMO’s as one of the most pressing issues facing us today, with threats to health, to ecology, food security via genetic drift of inferior, corrupted genes … and with challenges to addressing these threats like: cognitive dissonance, Stockholm Syndrome, denial, public ignorance, and the outmatched funds, lobbyists and thug forces of evil corporations like Monsanto. With all that complexity, we need multiple, simultaneous strategies. Continue reading

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – 17 November 2013

AishaNorthAs you have perhaps already ascertained, this quickening comes in many shapes and forms, and for some of you, it has been almost overpowering at times. Again, we hasten to remind you all that even if you at times may feel like you are down on your knees, unable to even think about getting up again, you are not being driven further down by these energetic shifts that keep battering you ceaselessly. No, you are simply being elevated further in vibration with every single blast of these energetic missiles, but still, it might not be as easy to remind yourself of this selfsame truth. For many will be struggling with themselves now, and so, it can be hard not to look into the seeming abyss in front of you and think that you are heading ever deeper into it. But this is not an abyss dear ones, no matter how deep you find yourself sinking as these energies keep swatting you around the ears. For what will seem as an endless quest for retaining your balance, is simply a sure sign of energetic upgrading, and as such, the elevator is indeed going up all the time, even when you feel the surge in your stomach that seems to signal you are in a free fall ever downward. Continue reading