Lucas – Rare Weather Phenomena?! – 18 November 2013 weather phenomena :

Is there a pattern to this… we had a few weeks ago two very rare, for our country tornadoes,  in The Netherlands that left huge damage behind and lots of people devastated, luckily no deaths.

I see a rare flood in Saudi-Arabia that covered the whole city Riyadh in water.

And now:  heavy snow, tornadoes hit Plains, Midwest USA :

We had the Philippines typhoon that was abnormally strong  and other “normal” weather events seems to be also not right as it can not be explained by just weather statistics or chance calculations. It is manipulated weather.

There are still lots of you that have no doubts this is all baloney. They do not see they are fed mis-information, lies and are deceived by the mainstream media that manipulated the minds of those watching.  You can search the net for weather-modification:  chemtrail spraying and geoengineering,  and HAARP- ELF and read on the internet that it exists for real. Those technics used are about causing damage to us. It is now almost irreversible damage that is done for the purpose of insanity. The out of control perceived controllers of humanity are doing this to get things done within their agendas with disastrous consequences and they use it also for warfare amongst opponents.  It is even said in documents of the UN in sealed terms that the need for solar activity protection is needed and that is the reason they give to so-called protect you to die of poisons sprayed in chemtrails in the air, that have aluminium, barium, strontium and other nasty stuff for your health in it. It is not about blocking sun light, it is about killing the people upon this earth for their population control agenda. Also geoengineering is done with the use of technics like chemtrails, ELF frequency: HAARP arrays, controlled deep-earth explosions, fracking. It is all part of the story to make things happen like earthquakes, floods, tsunami’s,  extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes  (and alike named different around the globe), heat-waves and extreme cold winter activity, enormous hail stone rains. You asked yourself already the question how can this all be, those early winter extremes, or those exotic heatwaves that only statistically  could not happen…  You only need to get into your head there is so much more you have to wake up to that is not as it seems to be. Just not get lost in it. See the big picture.

Get thinking again and know that there are firms that you can find on the internet that advertise their weather modification technics, you can find companies that work  for the government in these sectors,  you will find out a lot more if you get reading the non-mainstream media. Just see it for what it is and know that it is done to the people and not for your safety or for saving the planet (even if they want you to belief that and make the sun the bad guy).

Get waking up and  see what is done and how and get informed. It is not anymore about normal weather phenomena. Also of course our changing planet and the from space energetic influences are part of changes to our planet as we are shifting into a new paradigm but the negative huge disasters and earth matters are foremost caused by instigated controlled actions.

Love and Light,


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