RemovingTheShackles – JFK: The Transparency That Is Still Denied – 18 November 2013

0e358-removing-the-shackles50 Years later, the American Government and it’s sycophantic bully boy co-corporationists  and their suckup mind & money controlled media stooges are STILL trying to sell the blatantly laughable Warren Commission’s final report on the Assassination of JFKennedy.   I just did a search, and truth be told, not even the alternative media are really doing justice to this anniversary.  The MainStreamMedia cartel are lobbing memorial bombs at the public and waxing eloquently about that dark day in history when the young JFK was murdered by a lone gunman, and they are drowning us with images of crying hysterical people on the day of his funeral, and talking about his poor bereaved wife Jackie (and what she wore to the funeral, and who made the hat she was wearing on that fateful day….) …. I honestly was more disappointed with the alternative news crowds than with the MSM- at least I KNOW the MSM are a bunch of gutless wonders….

And then the shining light- the best article written on the topic of the murder of JFK that I have read in years- and let me tell you, I’ve read a LOT about this. published the article below, written by Tony Gosling.   The article just about floored me with it’s no holds barred, succinct run down of the reality of what did and IS happening right now.   His final section of the article entitled “The Secret Government” was the closest thing to truth that we’ve ever seen from a quasi main stream news outlet.  This paragraph stands out with the truth ringing the death knells of America’s supremacy and opens the door to the questions that MUST follow:

Read the whole article at : link to original article

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