Laura Bruno – Timothy Glenn: Uranus Square Pluto Part 4.5 : The Heliocentric Square – 19 November 2013

laura-of-the-rocksTim promised me this article was on its way, and now, here it is, with a bit of inner preparation time to spare before the big Heliocentric Square on November 23, 2013. Wild times this November! I always enjoy Tim’s wisdom, peppered with musical references and humor.

Uranus Square Pluto Part 4.5
The Heliocentric Square

By Timothy Glenn

Let’s begin with a thumbnail sketch on Heliocentric Astrology. Here on Earth, we almost always use Geocentric (or Earth-centered) Astrology. The reason is quite simple: this is the planet we are living on, and so we experience our lives from this perspective.

Heliocentric (or Sun-centered) Astrology nonetheless has an impact on the entire solar system of which Earth constitutes a tiny part. When it comes right down to it, the Sun is boss.

As soon as we watch the planetary orbits from the perspective of the Sun, we notice a fun phenomenon: retrograde motion does not exist. Indeed, the Sun has never had to deal with a Mercury retrograde. All the planets orbit the Sun in continuously smooth motion. As a result, each aspect formed between any two planets will only occur one time from the perspective of the Sun.

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