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Andy Bojarski – My Release Experience During Another’s Energy Healing – 19 November 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureHello everyone.  I wanted to share with you another fantastic release experience that happened to me in my conscious state.  This one was amazing.  This happened to me while I was doing an energy healing on someone else.  I am sorry if the post is a bit long.  However, I tried to make it entertaining. Continue reading


Bernanke Sticks To Strategy, But Opts For U-turn Lincoln Beardlift Reverse Clock Tactic – 19 November 2013

beardptcropIn a move clearly designed to steady market nerves this afternoon, US Fed Chairman Osama Ben Debtladen is expected to tell a Washington press conference that he intends to regulate all clocks going forward. From tomorrow at 4.00 am EST, all clocks will go backwards when a decision needs to be taken. “The problem currency dealers and central bankers face,” said Mr Burndollar, “is that with gold upside down, bond yields going down, and the currency watered down, they have been asking me to stop any chance of alternatives beyond their control from growing up in the future. I think that, on balance, this new Zero Instant Rates Passage (ZIRP) approach to the problem will remove any real and present danger by ensuring an ever-present present. Well, that and my fabulous new beardlift”. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Oregon Obamacare Success Rate: 0 For 18.000 Applications: Musical Tribute: Just My Imagination – 19 November 2013

MishMikeShedlockIf you thought Obamacare success rate in the state of Washington was bad as it gets, I suggest you take a look at Oregon.

Portland Local News reports 18,000 applications, 0 enrolled.

With all the problems facing the rollout of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, nowhere is the situation worse or more surprising than in Oregon, a progressive state that has enthusiastically embraced the federal law but has so far failed to enroll a single person in coverage through the state’s insurance exchange. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – The OECD Just Cut Its Forecast For World Growth – Here Are The Totally New Projections – 19 November 2013

businessInsiderBy Joe Weisenthal

The Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development just cut its global growth forecast.

From Bloomberg:

The world economy will probably expand 2.7 percent this year and 3.6 percent next year, instead of the 3.6 percent and and 5.8 percent predicted in May, the Paris-based OECD said in a semi-annual report today.

Story Waters – Living Within Spacious Time – 19 November 2013

Uploaded on 18  November on 2013 by Story Waters Visit http://www.limitlessness.com to find out more about Story work. Join the Freedom Circle to receive the twice monthly Bridge mp3 recordings, and monthly live internet broadcast.

Rough, Ready, But Very Real – A November 2013 Update On The Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening The Desert – The Sequel’ Site) – 19 November 2013

Posted November 19, 2013 by

Project from above, featuring a garbage-accumulating fence edge

Well, you would be hard pressed to find a tougher block of land — a 400m below sea level, West facing slope, in an extremely hot, arid climate, with extremely poor, shallow highly alkaline top ‘soil’, covered in rocks, with a limited water supply and in a mostly Palestinian refugee-populated village. When we first started working on the site local farmers thought it was just ridiculous to even try to produce any kind of result on such a rough site. They were not interested at all and could see no reason to stop using chemicals and burning crop residues and planting nothing but large fields of monoculture cash crops. Continue reading

DealBook – U.S. Poised To Announce $13 Billion JPMorgan Settlement – 19 November 2013



The Justice Department is set to announce a $13 billion settlement with JPMorgan Chase over the bank’s questionable mortgage practices in the run-up to the financial crisis, people briefed on the deal said on Monday, as prosecutors and the bank hashed out the final details of the deal.

Read the whole story at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com/ link to original article