– Divisive UN Climate Talks Head Into Final Stretch – 19 November 2013

( Lucas:  comment: When do you get it! It is not about the climate and the fake story that was put out their by some controllers to be backed by corporate scientists stooges that still regurgitate the story that ain’t true as it must be done to get their funding for research and their pay-offs for the lies… The whole thing is about control, agenda 21 and the use of climate control as a weapon against humanity for those that seek to serve their perceived insane ideas as population control by reducing it to just 500 million. The used arguments are too much people to feed, the sun harmful  and is too bright shining and its radiation is gonna hurt us and our planet and our earth protection shield is by pollution of gasses etc not able to filter the sun, We bring too much CO2 in the air, etc.  All these arguments are just not proven in any way… Yes enough studies that are based on falsified scientific evidence and statements are not making that was false in first place to begin with true. The World Food Programme itself came up with the report there is food enough on this planet it is just not distributed right and or in my view in a natural sustainable way like permaculture produced. We can even get deserts cultivated if we want. The sun is by the same polluted evidence said to be our enemy instead of being the giver of our live upon this planet. The sun is said to be making us sick we have to cover ourselves in toxic chemicals and alike to safe us from sickness and cancer. The government and cronies are polluting our skies with chemtrails filled of toxins and other non-healthy stuff, geoengineering is done by corporations that use frequencies to make rain, we forget the harmful use of HAARP- ELF as a weapon to make not only rain but influencing jet streams, making extreme weather and causing harm to people and the land. It is all just waved aways as nonsense by those that are not able to see and read already what is published on the issues by even the government agencies itself that  are funding this and use it.   In a report again from a UN organization there is also urged to go on with the measures to stop the “harmful” effects of the sun.  Really? People get awake and pull those veils from your mainstream media mindcontrolled eyes and polluted brains. Denying the truth is easy. Discerning and researching yourself things will give you  most likely another view on things as the alternative news and information is still to find on the internet as long as it is not yet totally controlled and censored.)

Government ministers start arriving in Warsaw Tuesday for the final stretch of UN climate talks seeking to pave the way to a global deal in 2015 on curbing global warming.

With only four days left in the annual round of notoriously fractious negotiations, delegates and observers say little progress has been made on key agenda points—with finance for poor countries proving the most divisive issue.

“The finance issue is creating a lot of anger here,” Alden Meyer, strategy director of US environmental group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, told AFP.

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