Wes Annac – Growing Social Network Progress – 19 November 2013

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

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Beginning to reconnect with the thriving network of conscious seekers on Facebook has reminded me that the awakening community as a whole is nothing if not abundant and growing.

It’s incredible to me, how much consciousness and Love reigns on a social network that some don’t prefer, and in my opinion, it’s also a sign of the incredible emergence of the conscious public onto the social scene.

Just look at all of the different consciousness-based spiritual and alternative news sites flooding the internet and offering unique perspectives in this time of rising awareness. The conscious public is certainly making our mark, and it can be easy to forget that if we remain shut away from each other.

With this miraculous thing called the internet, originally intended to oppress us further but reclaimed by the people, we can connect with each other via blogs; social networks; video and audio hosting sites; “chat” sites and applications like Tinychat and Skype; and plenty of others.

The only thing stopping us from connecting with each other on a mass level is us, and I can see that a lot of you have already been connected and simply await the rest of us to catch up. I get the feeling that widespread coordination between us is about to take a serious upturn, and I think it’s going to come about on the blogs and social networking sites.

Like conscious groups such as Occupy Wall St. have already done, we can use social networks for the platform they provide and build upon our growing spiritual revolution together with the helpful tools we have at hand.

How do you feel about the prospect of being able to connect with, for example, around five hundred fellow conscious seekers at once? How would you feel if you were able to, say, attend a weekly cyber meeting comprised of hundreds of conscious seekers, known and unknown in the public domain?

I’m of the belief that each one of us is a unique asset to the ascension of the planet, and in an immediate future when we’re all united, no one person will be seen as “better”, “worthier” or “more aware”.

The same everlasting Universal truths are being expressed through different people who are beginning to be known for such expressions, and the Sedona Conferences last year showed me that every conscious seeker has a lot to offer to our evolution.

I can remember people in the crowd flowing on and on with unique personal revelations and ideas, and it helped remind me of the intelligence and the flowing abilities that come with awakening.

Talking with many of you on Facebook (and everywhere else) has reminded me of this further, and I feel an incredible sense of wholeness in being able to connect with so many of you, hear your unique perspectives and subsequently feel your unique energy signatures.

I’m due to resume joining the Galactic Free Press TinyChat sessions themed around what we can do to breed unity/coordination amongst the conscious public soon, and I’ll perhaps recommend working on social networks along with various spiritual/alternative news blogs and forums to help breed this unity.

For the most part, I see that a lot of you are already way ahead of me. Unity is being expressed and built upon by you all as I sit here and write about it, and it warms my heart to see how tightly knit this conscious community really is.

Beyond the fact that every facet of consciousness is connected eternally, we conscious seekers are family – brothers and sisters who’ve jointly incarnated on this Earth with our heads held high and the knowledge that we’d eventually make our way back to each other.

That time has come, brothers and sisters in spirit, and even though I’m writing about it and hopefully inspiring some of you, I have to say that I feel inspired by what I’m seeing with the growing number of conscious seekers and the surprising and incredible manner in which we’re already linking up.

I’ve been nothing if not reassured and uplifted, seeing the level of Love and harmony expressed on Facebook alone.

The conscious circle I’m blessed to be a part of on that site includes fellow channels, writers and readers of the type of material I’m equally blessed to be a part of giving, and I’ll find friends I wouldn’t have even expected to know each other conversing happily as if they’ve known each other all their Lives.

I’m learning that beyond our uniqueness and individuality, we don’t have to be separate from each other any longer and I have you all to thank for it.

Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you may have about the already strong and growing unity of the awakening public. You’re encouraged to contribute and be a part of this community if you feel the desire to, and the intention is for everyone to feel welcomed to be themselves and help build upon widespread harmony and unity.

Wes Annac – Bedazzled by the progress already being made and seeking to help build upon it.

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