Lucas – A Growing Process Into BEing You – 20 November 2013 it is about being you, really you, then become that energy bubble space for yourself to proceed in your process to master yourself. If you still wanna master the outside world by putting out all that is not you but a projection of what you THINK or others think you need to be or you think others need to be, you will not be you.  It is not about becoming thinking about others and their paths. This is not about not having compassion or not being caring for others. You do not need to  save the world nor others, that is their path. You only can show what your way is and what you experienced and perceived.

The outside of your field is  playing things into your field by engaging with people, groups, situations and that will affect you with the energy vibrational fields of those others or experiences you sought. It can be disruptive if those forces also in groups are not all higher level energy fields and will bring you down again. It is not right or wrong to choose your experience or interaction but feel if it is beneficial to your personal growth process or not.

It sometimes is needed to get your group experiences or your interactions with humans or situations to see what it is and what you could learn from it to maybe perceive things afterwards in a different fashion and level up a gear. I talked some time ago about the bubbles in two articles.  It is good to see you need a space for your own growth and process. Your own bubble.  You also can create bubbles for other experiences those will be dissolving or even exploding if the energies of your field and your surroundings not support them anymore as you have grown in experience and perception.

So just be aware of what is and isn’t in feeling it. It is that heart-source connection that is still the basis of your personal growth and it is up to you if you are aiming for it.  Some even do unconsciously life their lives already that way and are in total resonance with their heart-source connection. Some need to be consciously going their. We all will eventually when ready make that jump together into the new. The big jump and make the new happening.

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