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wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, Continued from Part 5

We’re meant to reconnect with the spiritual realms, and visualization is a perfect way to practice astral travel in an uninhibited and free setting. Upon practicing this ability as much as possible, you’ll find yourselves able to receive impressions and maintain very clear and constant visuals of the landscapes you choose to experience.

Amidst practicing these types of activities, remember the importance of having faith that what you’re doing is real. Believe in yourself, your abilities and the deeper glimpses into the very real spiritual realms you’re gaining, because we create our reality with our thoughts.

We empower what we choose to believe in or have faith in the existence of, and as such, utilizing faith and belief when practicing etheric visualization will see you able to solidify the experiences you’ll have.

It’s important to maintain faith in what we’re doing and to understand that it actually is real, because plenty of people could choose to laugh off or discredit much of what’s discussed in many spiritual circles because they don’t yet have the understanding of the reality of it all.

If you allow your faith in what you’re doing to wane, your reality will manifest accordingly and you’ll find yourself less able to perceive of the higher dimensions and the metaphysical work you can perform. However, approaching your work with enthusiasm and an open-minded understanding of the reality of what you’re doing can see you move mountains.

Karma, the Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction

Manifestation is a widely discussed aspect of spirituality, and you’ll find material concerning the Law of Attraction, karma and the Golden Rule on practically any spiritual website or forum. A lot of different understandings have been bred about these aspects of our existence, and I’d like to shed my personal light by offering my understanding.

From my experience, it seems that karma, the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule are all essentially the same thing.

Karma naturally gives back to you what you give out, even if it takes years of our physical time for it to do so. The Law of Attraction sees you manifest based on your thoughts, feelings and the general vibration you’re on, which sees you getting back what you give out to the world and the Universe.

The Golden Rule, which everybody knows, is to treat others how you wish to be treated and includes the idea that you’ll then receive the same treatment back (though that’s not why you do it). If you look at the driving philosophy behind each of these rules/laws, you see that they’re the same law driving our existence.

Upon employing the aforementioned faith and knowing that what you’ve come to discover is real, you’ll meet the reality of karma/the Law of Attraction/the Golden rule. You’ll be able to notice when you’re experiencing events in your Life that are clear manifestations of what you’ve given out or sewn for yourself, and the perfect and interconnected nature of our existence will become clear.

Karma Doesn’t Judge

Karma isn’t a law that seeks to punish us for what we’ve done wrong, nor is it one that judges us in any way. Karma quite literally gives back to us exactly what we’ve sewn for ourselves to experience, and does so in a completely neutral and non-judgmental way.

If you’re one who feels yourself to be on karma’s “bad side” because of things you’ve done or said and the resulting karmic reaction you experienced, know that you’re never judged and are, in fact, loved endlessly as you continue to learn and grow.

Karma doesn’t seek to hurt or punish us, but if we sew circumstances unto ourselves that could see us hurt because of our actions than we aren’t denied the valuable learning experience that could result.

A toddler who’s learning to walk will fall down a few times before getting it just right. When learning to talk, they’ll seem to spout nonsense and scrambled-up words we label as dribble, but they’re learning and growing into their ability to speak and walk and must be allotted room to make mistakes.

So it is with us humans, and as we grow into higher states of consciousness and greet greater understandings of ourselves, so do we experience growing pains at times based on the individual and collective karma we’ve manifested for ourselves.

Ultimately, we’ll come to find that our existence is perfect and that the three laws/rules we’ve believed in, which are one law in reality, are realer than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

Growing into Alignment with Divine Will

As we ascend we lighten our vibration to resonate with that of the fifth dimension, and amidst increasingly resonating with that vibration we’ll find ourselves growing into alignment with Divine will.

This can be a touchy subject for some people, because the idea of stepping away from the ordained freewill we’ve been blessed with on the Earth could herald beliefs that we’ll somehow be controlled in the higher dimensions.

When stepping into our greater perceptions, we’ll step out of alignment with the lower-oriented actions, thoughts and feelings we’ve fed into in the lower dimensions and we subsequently lose the potential and desire to think or do such things.

We could still do or think those lower-oriented things if we wanted to manually lower our vibration to resonate with the dense realms we could act upon them in, but in the higher dimensions we step out of alignment with our lower freewill (the will or desire to hurt others) and into alignment with the Divine will of our higher self (the will to spread Love, peace and harmony to as many as possible).

It should be noted that our higher self is the oversoul of the consciousness we exist in on the Earth, and that we’re extensions of this oversoul. Our higher self isn’t some outward Creator entity for us to give our energy to, and rather, our higher self is us in a more evolved form.

As such, stepping into alignment with the Divine will of our higher self is comparable to accepting a diploma and wearing a special hat at a graduation. It’s simply a representation of the fact that we’ve reached newer strides in our pursuit of higher consciousness and doesn’t inhibit or restrict our actual will in any way.

We’ve been allotted the freewill experiment on the Earth, and we’ve been allowed to hurt ourselves, each other and the world around us in the name of experiencing absolutely everything we sew. Humanity is now being called upon to seek spirit and our own Divine will in greater ways than we ever have, and the result could be a complete laying-down of violence and the perceived need to hurt another.

We’ll step into the greatest potentials we could never imagine, and we’ll help build a world that reflects the harmony and joy we’ll each feel within. We can help bring this future about in this moment by seeking within, with the question of what we can do to step into our greater Divine will in this and every moment.

Continued in Part 7 soon. To read the whole writing, head here.

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