Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Under The Canopy Of God’s Heart – 21 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

You, My children, tend to think in terms of gain and loss and, so, in terms of cost and percent. You expend energy, and the energy you expend is expensive, and so you think in terms of expense. At the same time as you run all over the place and gain muscle, shall We say, you also sit on the sidelines and watch the goings-on as through a window.

In one sense, there is free entry to this theater of life. In another sense, you are let in and out of Earth and Heaven free, yet it seems to you that you have to pay a high rate for parking, as if you were a car in a garage, driven in and out from inside and outside at will. Sometimes you don’t know where you are or whether you are in or out. You stumble and you stride alike, embarrassed, sort of as if you don’t belong anywhere and never did.

Despite your impressions, you are full-time with Me, and I with you. You are under the canopy of My heart. Our hearts beat as One. And, so, holy are you who seemingly walk around on Earth, worrying about this and that, when there is no need to get caught up in worry.

“No need?!!” you exclaim. “I have bills to pay and children to feed!”

I don’t suggest that you be lackadaisical, yet despite your shenanigans and the fact  that you are the actor on stage and you speak your part and move your legs and your arms and take responsibility and action, I am the Doer. I do by Being, so powerful is My Being, and so is yours. We are Being.

Your consciousness is utterly powerful and reliable, yet you don’t see it that way. Your consciousness  is not a flat line. Your consciousness moves your life, and it moves the world, for through your consciousness, the world and your life in the world appear. In a sense, you are an apparition. Yes, We can call your life on Earth and all its in’s and out’s as an apparition. The soul of you is real. The Real You lives in Heaven wherever your body may stay. You are not your surroundings. You are not your embodiment. You are a soul who communes with Me. We commune as One inalterable One. We don’t have up’s and down’s. We have Oneness, and Our Oneness is constant and infallible.

Your perception is hit or miss, depending upon I don’t even know what. Could be the weather, the way someone looks at you, how fat or how lean your pocketbook is. Temporary transactions influence your supposed self. Your Real Self is not affected one whit. Your Real Self is affected not at all. Your Real Self flows in a steady stream. You are unwavering even amidst the changing tides.

Yet you may ask: “What good is it for me to accept what You say, God, when I don’t see it. What can I do but suspect You of, if you will excuse me, fraud? A fraud well-meant, sort of like a future lollipop promised  to a child and then nowhere does the lollipop appear, perhaps an oversight, but no lollipop. I don’t want to be disappointed a second time, or third or fourth or an incalculable number of times.”

It is yourself you are suspicious of, beloveds. You fear flying. You fear falling. You fear you may not get up in the air at all. You fear disappointment, and you fear success.

You fear fear that seems to have been hounding you forever. No, beloveds, I AM forever, and you  ARE forever, and nothing but love is happening. Meet Our love in your heart. / link to original article

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