John Ward – How The Cops Make The Streets Safe Against Yeo’s Taxis And Murdoch’s Hacks – 21 November 2013

yeotaxititleThe truth about ‘we’re all in this together’ revealed at last

A small update if I may on what Lord Leavesemalone was supposed to be investigating: the Unholy Trinity of police, media and legislators, and ghastly tripartite incest between them.

Crime figures are routinely massaged by police desperate to show that they are making the streets safer, it was claimed last Monday. Serious offences including rape, child sex abuse, robberies and burglary are disappearing in a ‘puff of smoke’, MPs were told. Police are accused of downgrading crimes to less serious offences and even erasing them altogether by labelling them as accidents or errors: judging by Plod’s initial evidence, it does look like the cap fits quite well re this one.

Meanwhile, so committed is Digger Merdeschlock to journalistic ethics, reporters on The Sun reacted with fury after receiving an edict from management to identify their confidential sources. The move has alarmed Sun staff because News Corporation, the title’s parent company, has disclosed the identities of a series of confidential sources to the police for their investigation, under ‘Operation Elveden’, into bribery by journalists at its newspaper group in the UK.

And on the final prong in society’s trident, Tim Yeo MP has been cleared by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and the Committee on Standards, and will return to Chair the Energy and Climate Change Committee next Tuesday. Undercover journalists at The Sunday Times posed as representatives of a company promoting new energy-efficient solar technology and alleged that the he had offered to approach ministers on the company’s behalf, and that he had once told a witness, working for a company in which Mr Yeo had an interest, what he should say when he had appeared before the select committee which Mr Yeo chairs. But there was clearly nothing incriminating in any of that and no bending of taxi emissions data or quiet meetings with London Mayor Benito Borisconi.

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