Lucas – The Magic Inside Is Always There – 22 November 2013

By Steve Karg

From a dark mist in the woods, the outline of an entity began to show far far away as some people sat around the campfire keeping warm.  The storyteller of the group took up the opportunity to make that image into a story. A story that would bring some new insights as people were at ease and warm and liked to hear a good story.

The storyteller started of his story  as that dark outline far away was still coming a bit closer every time.  The story was about a traveler from far away that had to learn about what it is to BE in this world.  First of all the traveler got manipulated to forget he was always free and unbound from start to finish in coming here upon this earth.  In between forgetting and remembering the traveler  would be having  the experience of the duality matrix or the invisible perceived cage of control, lack and disempowerment. The shackles that would be placed upon the traveler to make him not go beyond that perceived cage with even the doors opened.

The traveler came about a lot on his travels on that caged earth and every time he disconnected from a new  experience  and group he had learned a lot. He had received an other view on things on personal or group level. The traveler came to know he could not connect and stay in a group as he found out always to be connected to all. The need for a separation into a group he found out could be useful as an experience but it was not needed anymore after having that insight. He every time found out that he could not connect to that what others wanted him to be as he also understood he could not make others to be fitting into his perceived reality. It was all their individual way or the chosen collectives way and not his way. That perception  was no longer what resonated with the traveler.

He found out that as long as he got connecting with all as being the traveler and nothing else it would be alright. Therefore he was always in his power without being drawn into that what was not the traveler. He had fun with all and saw it to be good for him. Being the traveler was though often challenged in the connections with all.  As there is always someone or some force outside that wants to pull a string and turn connections into followers or people into  slaves even within the perceived caged  reality. The perceptions of that cage were strong and the thought was perceived you never could get out. It was perceived as an invisible cage.  There were perceived limits to the play within that space we call earth and our multiverse.

The traveler had learned to see and move on every time a new perception on things was established. The insights on his travels were  moving him more and more into that space that would become seen by him, the within. That one space were all comes together. It is that what will bring a new journey to the traveler? That was now not anymore going to be traveling around but traveling within.  The new route was set into the heart-source connection.

The traveler made sure to get working on all he needed to be ready for: his path within.  He wanted to be prepared the best way he could.  Even that preparation was something he learned, he thought, to be necessary. Soon he come upon his travels within on his journey in his heart to the conclusion there is no need to prepare for something you are already are and have within. The journey to find on his travels more knowledge and insights, new perceptions let him to the understanding that all just is.  There was no need to search for that or doubt it to be. All was always connected with all.  The traveler was being blissful and ultimately happy.

He came to the conclusion he searched for answers and being something that he already was. He was the answer to any question. He was the being that was the journey and the finish at the same time.  it was all coming together.  He saw the ultimate being the traveler that never could be robbed of anything nor be out of his  inner power.  He saw all that was needed was always within and he could ask the creator he was, to manifest from his own power from the all. There was no need to doubt or fear that what never could be feared in the first place as it was an illusion  and never could have an affect in any way. It was great to see you always were free and nothing could be caged unless you perceived to be so. You are the maker of your reality as well as your illusions.

We are free always. We are always in our power. The only thing you can change is your perception to see this different. Live it to be true. But is it then true.? As long as you are seeing it as your truth it is yours.  The change is not only in the perception but in the knowing of you being you that is always with all connected.

The storyteller sees the now almost arriving shadow from the mist emerge and is seeing a face. The face smiles. Not soon after that smile out of the mist into the light and warmth around the fire the group came to greet the real traveler. The one that came from far to be everywhere where he would know his heart would be home in the moment of now.  He sat down with all of the rest to enjoy the warmth and the resonance of all those surrounding the fire.

The real traveller  loved to tell his story to the group. It was  about the magic he saw happening in his life when he came to see that even the most difficult time he had perceiving to be  bound by shackles, he always freed himself were challenges and  perceptions came up to limit him. It was to remind him of his true power: that magic, that always is there as it is within.  The magic is driven by a force of unconditional love that brings that what is not centered or off, back into balance. The magic always can create from that space the beauty in your life.

The group went to sleep under their own warm blankets with a smile on their faces when the stories ended and the fire almost extinguished. A great resonance field of love kept the space surrounding them safe.  The travels in Dreamtime would be a next story they might talk about in a new story around the campfire in an other moment of the now.

Love and Light,


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