TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Silence Of LOVE – 22 November 2013


The best distinction I can think of that describes LOVE vs ego is the Silence the first one brings and the noise the second one creates.

LOVE is Silent! And so is anything done out of LOVE, or with LOVE, or In LOVE. For LOVE does not need explanations, it needs no one to validate it or believe in it and is not done out of expectations as LOVE IS. It needs no one to congratulate or to write about it, nor does it talk about itself. It IS. And that for LOVE is ALL that counts. To BE.  And let all that is LOVE BE!

It prays for you and you will never know it. And you will pray for others and never tell them. It knows it IS the substance of all that IS and needs nothing more than itSELF. It already communicates with all of CREATION. That is why it needs no validation. And no explanation. It IS ONE with GOD.

If someone takes hours of his or her time trying to explain how good he or she is, if someone needs you to validate his or her state of being, living, talking or behaving… LOVE them silently and ask GOD to help them see their own way. They are traveling their path. And that is the way it is.

We are travelers on hidden ground. That is why we were given that forgetfulness blanket that has been called ego. A thought system that describes (to yourself!) how you are and who you are. Something everyone is scared to lose as it is the “earth-navigation-system” , it is the very thing that hides GOD In YOU from YOU. Earth could not exists without that in the way it is. And that very thing that humans believe being them is in fact only the one that always screams! Once the True Self is Seen… it is Seen in Silence and Awe!

Ego wants -and needs– to prove its point. It needs to prove it is alive all the time. It even needs to tell everyone how cool it is and how it does not exist! Otherwise you would try to get rid of it. But you will not if it tells you it is not here… Get the point?

It tells others and yourself how it is not here and it tells others and yourself how amazing it is until it has to show how humble it is and how unworthy it is… always using loud words or actions. Always in front of a public that LISTENS! It NEEDS to be heard… for it NEEDS validation. In any way it happens!

LOVE does not. Never. And it truly does not give a shit if no one on the whole planet knows what it has done for someone or something. It gives and shares as it is in its own nature. And if someone attacks LOVE or tries to take advantage of It or gets angry with LOVE… guess what… LOVE moves on. There’s a whole crowd of beings on the planet right now, this very precise moment, waiting to get an ounce of LOVE from anyone.

You can make their day!

Simply send it out and give it freely to SPIRIT. It knows where it is needed most. Simply give your Pure Intention to share a bit of the LOVE you are with someone you don’t even know. Out of Pure LOVE. SPIRIT will know.

Simply LOVE in silence and think twice when you find yourself talking loudly to make your point… maybe it is not even necessary?! May Be it is THE day to simply BE.

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