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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Wherein Lies The Kingdom Of Heaven? – 23 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

How lovely are the hearts that beat on Earth. From My vision, even as I understand your bewilderment and heartaches, all is more than well. All is beautiful. My vision is true, and your vision is stuck. You come from certain premises. From your premises, your vision is true, except your premises, your positions, your patterns of thought are incorrect. Your premises seem obvious to you, yet you are looking at a façade rather than a foundation. The basis you come from seems obvious. This basis holds you up, however, only so long as you have it. If the premises you come from were true, then a baobab tree would bear apples. Continue reading

Grandpaw Peter Koyote – Not The Same – 23 November 2013

Uploaded on 21 November 2013 by Grandpaw Peter Koyote Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Master Kuthumi : Why Do We Connect With The Light? – 23 November 2013

natalie glassonIt is with the brightest of love and light that I bring forth my energy to embrace you now. I am here as a supportive guide and friend to inspire the divine and truth within your being to emerge more fully, recognised by your current perspective.
Let the light of the Creator shine upon you and I will act as an instrument and channel of the Creator’s light directing it deep into your being so you may recognise the light already present within you. Continue reading

DealBook – Weekend Reading: Banks Worried They Might Be Next – 23 November 2013



After JPMorgan Chase’s $13 billion mortgage settlement emerged this week, Jamie Dimon held a conference call with analysts. “It could’ve been somebody else,” the bank’s chief executive said. Who is next on the list?

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DealBook -Ex-Credit Suisse Executive Sentenced in Mortgage Bond Case – 23 November 2013



A former top executive at the Credit Suisse Group was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on Friday for inflating the value of mortgage bonds as the housing market collapsed.

Read the whole story at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com/ link to original article

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – JFK : A Conspiracy Theory – 23 November 2013

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Lee Harvey Oswald was your typical America-hating communist from Louisiana, and like every Russkie-loving pinko from the South he grew up watching American spy dramas, volunteered for a Civilian Air Patrol run by a CIA contract agent and joined the US Marines. Nicknamed Oswaldski for his tendency to speak Russian and spout pro-Soviet propaganda, he was given special training and assigned to one of the most sensitive facilities in the world running the radar for the U2s spying on the Russkies and the ChiComs. After contracting gonorrhea in the line of duty, Oswald was tested for Russian proficiency before being honorably discharged to take care of his mother who wasn’t ill and flew to Europe using money he didn’t have on planes that didn’t exist to arrive at Helsinki, where he stayed at the most luxurious hotel in town before waltzing into the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. While there he kept a detailed log of Soviet facilities, made notes about microdots, and carried a CIA standard-issue Minox camera, before getting bored and returning to the United States on a military jet using money loaned to him from the US Embassy. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Why Is It So Difficult to Imagine? – 23 November 2013

laura-of-the-rocksMore comments from Jon Rappoport’s blog:

Michael Burns
I like what you are saying, and organic and raw it real food, good for you.
But something slowly happened to North America over the last three decades. People were lulled into a trust of a food industry. A trust in that they were inventing, cheaper and better foods supposedly. More improved foods from the laboratories, which study nutrition, and know what food is…so… “Were making it better”…the bastards lied, and have be lying ever since.
It is now cheaper to go to fast food take-out shacks eg: Macdonald’, Kentucky fried chicken (if you want to can call it that), Taco bell, Wendy’s, the list on goes on. And most of the ignorant do this rather than actually cook something wholesome, for themselves, or even to try eat organic or raw; which from what I have noticed organic is getting quite expensive. Unless you can grow a garden. Real food cost real money Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – EU “Ayatollahs” Killing Italy’s Recovery Chances Says Italy’s Prime Minister; Italy Attempts Another “Quick Fix” – 23 November 2013

MishMikeShedlockThe European budget debate stepped up a notch today as Italy, Spain Warned on Budget.

After Italy rebuffed warnings about its budget, euro-area finance ministers late Friday agreed to give the country additional opportunities to show it can make savings and bolster revenue.The tensions over Italy’s budget grew after Enrico Letta, the country’s prime minister, warned on Friday that “ayatollahs” in Europe were seeking to promote austerity even though it was killing Italy’s chances of recovery. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Disconnect – 23 November 2013

black-and-white-phrases-price-quotes-Favim.com-698002(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

I wanted to take this opportunity to mention to everyone that the upcoming holidays are a wonderful time to practice our skills of change and bring back the true meaning of the holidays within our own homes and our own hearts. The usual pressure by mega corporations has begun in earnest for people to buy and spend their way into the oblivion of deeper debt for superficial reasons, totally disconnected from true meaning and from love. People are camping out in front of big box stores to be first in line for a big screen TV that will do nothing for them but enlarge the lies for them to watch. People are fretting how they will afford to buy Christmas gifts, all the trivial trash made in China and doing nothing for our own economy at all, at the same time they are having their health care destroyed from the inside out, prices are sky rocketing and pocket books are now empty. When will we stop this insanity? Continue reading

Wes Annac – Our Unversal Family : Keep Excelling To New Heights – 23 November 2013

"Sky Leaves" - Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013“Sky Leaves” – Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

Channeled through Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The audio of me reading this latest message can be found here.

Everything that plays out in your Lives happens for a necessary and ordained reason, and everything you experience is leading you to step into your greater potential in ways you haven’t yet thought possible. Continue reading