Ron Head – Everything Gives You The Opportunity To Choose Between Fear And Love. What If You Choose Love This Time? – 23 November 2013

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We begin today by once again offering our congratulations on your continuing progress.  You perhaps see nothing, although you are beginning to feel much, but we see amazing changes in the field of energy surrounding you.  A great deal of beneficial change has been initiated and is having lasting effects which are, perhaps just peeking into your awareness.  Think of it as the plantings in your winter greenhouses.  They shall be well along by the time your new season of growth arrives, able to be transplanted from your inner to your outer lives.  That season may occur sooner than you imagine.

Let us now speak of a heavenly happening which many of you are watching.  Some are watching it in trepidation and fear.  Some are seeing beauty and wonder.  It is, of course, your choice.  There is a great light, a comet, about to light up your nights.  We heartily recommend that you look upon this approaching piece of the cosmos, this approaching being, as a bringer of gifts, as a wondrous and beautiful holiday present, if you will.  As you know by now, everything gives you the opportunity to choose between fear and love.  What if you choose love this time?  How will that impact you and also your world?  It is a happening not seen in this magnitude before, and perhaps never again.  And it is, we affirm for you, a happening mentioned in some of your indigenous lore for quite a long, long time.

This will confirm for all who ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear’, as you like to say, that the time has arrived.  You are truly in the thick of it.  And although you may not see great change in your personal surroundings yet, we urge you to pay close attention to yourselves as a community, as a oneness.  As you learn to do that, you will begin to sense what we can only describe as an upheaval, a major turning point, that which you have all been waiting for.

It will not be a ‘flash-bang-what-was-that?’ sort of change.  And yet, when what has happened begins to sink in, you will see that it is exactly that.  It will be almost as quick as the change which did in your dinosaurs.  Of course your dinosaurs were not wearing wrist watches and following twenty-four hour newscasts.

So our best advice now is to welcome the changes, both inner and outer.  Receive them with gratitude and appreciation, after all, you have co-created them.  And continue to focus on the better world you wish to live in.  See it in as great a detail as you are able.  It approaches.

We hold you in our loving embrace and thank you for your fortitude and the amazing abilities which you have demonstrated and still do not see.  Good day, dear ones. link to original article


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