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InvestmentWatchBlog – Outgoing NYC Anti-Gun Police Chief Wants $720,000-A-Year Security Team — No Guns For You, Security Team For Me – 24 November 2013

InvestmentWatchNYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who everyone knows is on his way out the door, has requested a team of six NYPD detectives to keep him and his family safe when he transitions back into civilian life. According to DNA Info, each man would make about $120,000 a year and the taxpayers would pick up the bill. (If approved, the arrangement will be reconsidered in six months.)


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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 24 November 2013

marilynraffaeleDear ones, once again it is that time on earth where the many are preparing to celebrate gratitude.  It is therefore time that you understand gratitude in a more enlightened way, for gratitude is simply the other side of love–they work together.  Gratitude is the flow of love  returning to you and thus creating a  circle of energy that flows out from and then flows  back to you.  It is spiritual living. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Please Join Me in a Collective Unified Focused Intent To Awaken Humanity – 24 November 2013

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AmericanKabuki – Amended Complaint Federal Reserve Whistleblower – 24 November 2013

Amended Complaint  Federal Reserve whistleblower by Oldereb

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John Ward – No Conspiracy Theories Please It’s Merely France Telecom Again – 24 November 2013

JohnWIf you spotted that the Saturday Essay was meant to spread over Saturday, Sunday and Monday (but didn’t actually appear until Sunday morning) you may be wondering WTF is going on. Others on the blogosphere are of course already convinced I’ve been abducted by MI6 aliens and am even now writing this under duress. The truth, however, is far simpler – and rather more entertaining. Continue reading

Steve Rother – VirtualLight Broadcast 23 Nov. 2013 – 24 November 2013

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Phys.org – HydroBee Uses Water From Rivers Or Faucets To Power Phone – 24 November 2013


(Phys.org) —Whether a person is residing off-grid, or on an outdoors adventure off-grid, finding a place to juice the smartphone is not always trivial. A Kickstarter project aims to interest people in a prototype device called the HydroBee, and its creators hope to bring it to production stage once they reach their support goals. HydroBee can power up devices with the use of water, whether drawn from rivers, streams, hoses, or faucets. Burt Hammer, one of the founders and president of Seattle-based HydroBee SPC, whose career has included working as a clean technology consultant in Southeast Asia and South America, refers to the action as charging your phone using “nature’s free and renewable energy.”Read the whole article  and see video at:  www.phys.org / link to original article

Steve Lendman – Obamacare Restricts Choice Of Hospitals And Doctors – 24 November 2013

 Previous articles explained Obamacare deception. It’s a healthcare rationing scheme. It’s a scam to enrich insurers and other major providers.
Last August, the Wall Street Journal headlined “Many Health Insurers to Limit Choices of Doctors, Hospitals,” saying:
“(O)nline health-insurance marketplace(s) will present some tough choices for consumers.”

ActivistPost – Melissa Melton – Toys Training Tots For Smart Phone Enslavement – 24 November 2013

Logo_activistpost-comYou can’t go anywhere for longer than a minute or two these days without crossing paths with at least a few people who are glued to their smart phones. Some people in younger generations are even living their entire lives through the eye of their phones.

Do a search for “baby” + “iPhone” and you’ll find a plethora of supposedly cutesy pictures of babies holding cell phones up to their little undeveloped skulls. Parents give their smart phones to their small children to play with all the time, and many times, the babies are even better at using the devices than their parents are.

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Lavrov: Win-win Iran Deal Only Became Possible After Rouhani Came To Power – 24 November 2013

RT logoThe nuclear deal agreed between Iran and the P5+1 group is a win-win situation for everyone, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, adding that it only became possible after Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, came to power.

“The very long and difficult negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program have ended, an agreement has been reached, and this deal crowns [our] longstanding relations, during which we’ve seen both ups and downs,” Lavrov told journalists.
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