Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – You Are Intertwined On A Vibrational Level – 24 November 2013

LarryLarsonReader: I’m feeling unsure about my motivation and interest in another person. I feel strong interest and attraction on some level, but how much of that is in their interest and how much of it is just mine?

You are not simple beings; there are always multiple agendas–so to speak–operating on many levels, both conscious and unconscious. So you needn’t fear that you are going to trample over anyone. You are either vibrational beings without boundary or you are physical beings with boundaries. Do you want limitless? Or limited? You see that’s what your question is really all about. You are already intertwined on a vibrational level.

Now your physical posturing may later cause you to alter your ideas and beliefs and your vibration. But that is another matter. Your vibrational being always comes first. Your limitlessness always comes first. Your infinitude of being always comes first and your connection with others always comes first in vibration. Physical is secondary or even tertiary to the process. Don’t let the cart get out in front of the horse.

You are already vibrationally intertwined…for now. Your physicality may cause you to make other decisions later on, but the vibrational mingling that you feel and experience on a vibrational-feeling-bodily level is real. It’s that vibrational mingling that your relationships are all about in the first place. Always. Always. Always. It’s vibration first.

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