– HydroBee Uses Water From Rivers Or Faucets To Power Phone – 24 November 2013

( —Whether a person is residing off-grid, or on an outdoors adventure off-grid, finding a place to juice the smartphone is not always trivial. A Kickstarter project aims to interest people in a prototype device called the HydroBee, and its creators hope to bring it to production stage once they reach their support goals. HydroBee can power up devices with the use of water, whether drawn from rivers, streams, hoses, or faucets. Burt Hammer, one of the founders and president of Seattle-based HydroBee SPC, whose career has included working as a clean technology consultant in Southeast Asia and South America, refers to the action as charging your phone using “nature’s free and renewable energy.”Read the whole article  and see video at: / link to original article

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