David Wilcock – The Darkest Hour Is Before The Dawn – 25 November 2013

DavidWilcock(Lucas: As usual I say to discern yourselves. Not all you read or get presented in general  is THE truth, the WHOLE or Absolute truth, it can be a partial or tainted truth or view or even a full lie. Just see it for what it is by doing your own research and find out what your truth is.)

Media control, widespread apathy and brainwashing is no longer enough to prevent a mass public awakening.

We are now seeing the ultimate example of a vast empire in decline. Its death rattles are becoming increasingly obvious to an emboldened, awake and aware mass public.

The world is “hitting bottom”, much like the process of how a drug addict realizes he needs to let go of the addiction in order to live a better life — or any life at all.

The phrase “the darkest hour is before the dawn” may sound like a cliche’, but it perfectly illustrates how the healing process actually works.

We may be seeing that “worldwide bottom” right now… with the promise of much happier times ahead.


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