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5DMediaNetwork – Look Up Coming And Archived Shows – 25 November 2013

5Dlogo-150x150I will post weekly this message where you can find the shows.


Look the shows up  at above link and or listen live!  Enjoy the shows or do not… that is your choice.  I always say whatever you do discern yourselves and if it resonates with you it is fine.




Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What Does It Mean To Be Responsible? – 25 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

I will guide you, lead you, call you, direct you, embrace you. I will do everything to get your attention — except I will not order you to do as I suggest. Why not? Why wouldn’t I? I won’t because I gave you free will. I gave you free will for a reason. I didn’t give you free will just for the fun of it. It is in your best interest to have free will and good will and good cheer because free will requires you to take hold and be responsible. Good will and good cheer are part of the package. Responsibility is not to be confused with blame. Blame is fallacy, amounting to My children’s shoving away responsibility. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Finance More: Euro Former WTO Chief: Europe Needs A New Dream To Revive Its Fortunes – 25 November 2013

businessInsiderPARIS (Reuters) – If European policy elites could choose the next head of the EU’s executive, Pascal Lamy, the Frenchman who stepped down as head of the World Trade Organisation in July, would be near the top of most people’s list.

Lamy, 66, was chief-of-staff to Jacques Delors, the Commission president who pulled Europe out of the doldrums in the 1980s by tearing down internal barriers to create a single market and paving the way for the euro single currency.

AmericanKabuki – The Dance Of Life – 25 November 2013

Thanks to Ed, for forwarding this link…

Dance of Life by Clement Farah

www.americankabuki.blogspot.com/ link to original article

John Ward – Analysis : Mob Manipulation And Dictatorship By Stealth Snares One Of The Best bloggers We Have – 25 November 2013


The tradition of the politico-media whipped-up lynch-party is a long and undistinguished one. In the past we have seen examples such as the Dreyfus affair in France, Krystallnacht and Book burning in Germany, the McCarthy era in America, and more recently the unjustified vilification of the entire Greek nation. Continue reading

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 374 – 25 November 2013

AishaNorthThe time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin territory, and the only way for you to do that, is to connect even deeper within yourself than you have ever done before. Continue reading

Student Unions Condemn Government Sale Of Loans For £160m – 25 November 2013

The Guardian

NUS says that sale of £890m loan book for £160m to investment consortium makes no economic sense

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The government has sold a student loans book with a face value of £890m for just £160m, angering student union groups.

A consortium called Erudio Student Loans led by investment fund manager CarVal bought the remaining book of mortgage style loans which were taken out by around 250,000 students between 1990 and 1998.

Read the whole article at: www.theguardian.com/ link to original article