Wes Annac – An In Depth Look Into the World of Channeling: An Interview with Wes Annac from the Aquarius Paradigm By Caroline Aguiar – Part 1 And 2 – 25 November 2013


By Caroline Aguiar

Hello Everyone, and Welcome!

On November 13th, after I posted the message, “Guardians of Light”, I received an interesting response in the way of private emails from readers who shared their experiences with me regarding their encounters with lower astral energies while channeling.

It dawned on me from the comments I read, this is a common issue, but not one which is openly discussed.  I also felt it was a topic which needs to be addressed, especially now as we are greatly encouraged to openly communicate with The Company of Heaven.

First and foremost, I want to clarify, I’m no authority on channeling, nor do I claim to be.  My sole intention for this interview is to perhaps shed some light on a subject which is very real for many, and based on my own experiences, and of those whom I’ve been in contact with recently, it’s a subject which needs attention.

In no way am I degrading channeling, or anyone who channels. I think the chances of colliding with a lower astral energy come with the territory, and I thought it would be helpful to hear from someone who has extensive experience in this field as to how we can strengthen our personal energy field when channeling, and how to distinguish between the higher energies, and lower astral energy forms.

I can tell you from my own personal experience, and I think anyone else who has tangled with a lower energy will agree, they are very good at pretending to be a higher dimensional being, when really they are not. Wes clearly addresses this very point during the interview.

We are all here to learn, and we do so through experience. Sometimes what we learn is put to the test, as well as our sense of self faith, and our trust in our divine helpers, and guides.  Hopefully readers will find this interview interesting, and enlightening regarding this aspect of channeling.

One final note before we begin.  Although we are all moving in one direction on our journey through this life, our paths may lead us down different avenues.  No one path is exactly the same because our experiences, circumstances, and life lessons are different for each soul.

There is much to learn, and experience for each and every one of us, but I believe we can reach out to each other for support, and guidance which will hopefully unify us more, and give us the strength we need to carry on, even during the hardest of times when our life lessons seem the most difficult.

At the same time, as we seek further communication with our star families, our guides, and compassionate allies, we are forming a deeper connection with our soul self.  We are bonding in sacred partnership with The Company of Heaven, and reaffirming our unity with all life, seen and unseen, in love, light, and unity consciousness.

About Wes Annac:

Wes has channeled the Hathors, Sanjaska, the Galactic Federation, and the High Pleiadian Council since he was a young lad of seventeen.  Now, at the age of twenty, he has written numerous articles on the New Paradigm which you can see here http://aquariusparadigm.com/

Many of you may be familiar with Wes’s work, as his channeled messages, and articles are posted regularly on the Golden Age of Gaia blog site http://goldenageofgaia.com/    and many others as well.  He is a young light worker dedicated to Assisting in Informing Awakening Humanity.

I think you will find it both insightful, and surprising as Wes gives his opinions, based on his experience with channeling, on how to deal with a lower astral energy, and if we have encountered one, he expresses his thoughts on how to build up our trust again, and regain confidence within our selves, our capabilities, and in the spiritual realms.

“An In Depth Look Into the World of Channeling”

Caroline:  Hi, Wes, before we get started I want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview.  I think your thoughts on the subject of channeling, regarding the possibility of connecting with lower astral energies, and how to prevent it, and/or deal with it if this happens will be helpful to readers who are interested in channeling, or who have perhaps encountered such energies, and who were left somewhat daunted by the experience.

I also want to add here that channeling comes in many forms: written messages, and verbal, but also in other ways such as dreaming, dancing, art, painting, anything which inspires you through heartfelt soulful inspiration is a form of channeling.  We all channel, and we all have the ability to do so.

While the existence of unfriendly astral energies is very real, I think it’s an important topic which needs to be addressed, especially now that we’re encouraged to communicate with our star families, our guides, angels, and Compassionate Allies, all who dwell within the spiritual realms of the higher dimensions.  The veil is gone, and we are truly moving into a coexistence with the world of spirit, and as there is yin and yang, good and bad, dark and light, there are also negative astral energies and loving, light energies as well.  Wes, what are your thoughts on this?

Wes:  Thank you for inviting me to do this interview, Caroline. I’m more than happy to give my perspective about the possibility of connecting with lower-oriented energy when opening up to our ability to channel.

The veil is indeed diminishing in every moment, as you said, and I think that an important aspect of opening up to our higher-dimensional connection is avoiding the denial of the existence of the lower-inclined energy and entities existing in, as I interpret it, specific rungs of the Earthly fourth-dimensional consciousness.

My feeling is that these entities exist as a result of the energy humanity has unwittingly fed for millennia, and that they’re, in essence, a reflection of our own actions and expressions. Denying the existence of what some Jamaicans call the “duppy” (malevolent spirits – I personally enjoy that term to describe them) is akin to denying the shadow self that’s commonplace in all of us and comes with existing on this planet.

We all have a shadow self, and chances are that the shadow selves of each of us have been in expression recently.

In the same manner that we can’t deny the existence of the shadow self, I think it’ll benefit any new or potential channel to understand that what could be seen as “lower” or “negative” disembodied energy does exist.

I also think it’s important to remember that darkness is simply a different shade of Light, and that this energy, however malevolent or discordant, isn’t infallible to the Light that it is at its core.

Caroline:   Thank you Wes, my next question revolves around “readiness to channel”. Is there a degree of readiness one needs in order to begin communicating with beings from the higher dimensions? Do you believe we are all capable of communicating with the higher dimensions, as many channeled messages have encouraged us to do so?

Wes:   Yes, and yes! I can say from experience that a particularly strong degree of readiness and willingness helps the channeling process greatly. If someone tries to channel from an unwilling place or if they exert mental pressure on themselves, the connection could turn out dim.

I’ve had times when I tried to channel because I felt obligated and the connection didn’t turn out so great, and I’ve found the most potent channeling sessions to be the ones that are brought about from a strong desire to channel on my part.

The most flowing and intricate impressions can be received if you open up to channeling as something you intend to enjoy, and I mean really enjoy.

If along the way you start feeling obligated to channel or the act itself isn’t as satisfying as it once was, you’re encouraged to shift to something that you enjoy and that sees you utilize your energy for the awakening of the collective.

As for the second part of the question: I believe that not only do we all have the ability to do what’s been called “channeling” – which essentially seems to be the utilization of telepathy in an advanced manner to communicate with another entity (in this case a higher-dimensional entity), but that this ability has and will continue to descend down onto all of humanity as our individual and collective consciousness grows.




Wes:  I think that widespread use of the telepathic abilities we’ll come to find are very real and strong will be a natural result of the rising consciousness, and that we can expect many other abilities to develop as well that’ll awe and amaze us.

I can imagine every person communicating complex and intricate telepathic impressions back and forth to one another, with our Universal Family and with specific higher-dimensional guides.

In regards to opening up to channeling – it’s certainly a process and few people find themselves great at it overnight, but if it feels right for you and you stick with it, I think you’ll benefit enormously.

Caroline:  And how can we protect ourselves from running into lower astral energies while channeling because they’re out there, there’s no doubt about it. I think readers would like to know how the lower energies usually present them, and how to tap into our discernment if we “feel” a possible connection with a lower energy.  If we learn to discern the differences between lower astral energies, and those of the higher dimensions, this would help with our red flag reflex when channeling.  As we both know, they are very good at pretending to be from the higher dimensions, when really, they are not.

Wes:  Yes, one of the greatest “tactics” so to speak of the duppy is to masquerade as a being of higher consciousness.

I think that they also benefit when a channel experiences a shallow connection. In my opinion, if a connection isn’t very deep or if it feels more mind-centered than anything, then one’s more likely to connect with a being of lower consciousness looking to deceive or with an expression of one’s own mental ideology that’d distort the message coming through.

I think that a lot of the distorted channeled information that comes through is due to a shallow connection and/or a mental painting of the communication.

It can be tricky territory, because our mind acts as an interpreter for the impressions we receive (instead of a sole receptor) but the goal is to reach a deep, spiritual place beyond mind and ego as we let them do their interpretive job.

I know that our focus is more on negatively oriented energy looking to come through and manipulate channeled messages, but I wanted to throw the idea out there that the perceived distortion in some channelings given by self-serving entities could be aided by a shallow connection. From my experience, I’ll say that two factors can expose an energy coming through as being of a lower consciousness: the “feel” of their energy/communications as they speak through you, and the type of material they give.

I can remember reading a particular channeled piece a long time ago that seemed focused entirely on what negatively oriented entities have done on the planet, as if the spotlight was being given to them.

The message purported to come from a higher source, but I can even remember it complimenting lower astral entities by calling them brilliant in their pursuits.

If a source seems entirely too focused on “lower” this and “lower” that, there could be a clear reason. If the source discourages, puts down or otherwise expresses something that dips your vibration, it’s likely that they’re of a lower, perhaps parasitic energy.

I’ve read messages purported to come from late, famous conscious people who put down the efforts of the people communicating with them and feigned disappointment and unhappiness. That’s a bit of a vampiric energy that feeds off of sadness and disappointment, and can be recognized as self-serving quite easily, in my opinion.

In regards to protecting oneself from lower energy and the entities it takes expression as, I’ll recommend the affirmation I use before channeling which is that absolutely only beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness and intent be with and around me, at the time of channeling and at all times.

Other people challenge the energy of the entities they connect with in the name of a Christed, higher-dimensional figure, and have reported lower-oriented entities leaving their space immediately when challenged in such a way.

I think that lower energy in general can accumulate around us as we go about this experience and can be expressed in the form of entities it assumes, and that practicing routine cleansing affirmations will do potential channels a lot of good.

Caroline: Wes, I’ve been in contact with some people who have had less than friendly experiences with lower astral energies, myself included.  I’m sure there’s more out there, but from what I’ve heard, and from what I personally experienced, it can be quite daunting when contemplating the idea of channeling again, especially for someone who is just beginning to open up to channel.

As we move ahead in our ascension process, we are literally moving into what may feel to some, as uncharted territory.  So much of the changes we are experiencing feel brand new, although I’d like to bet most of us reading this interview have done it all before.  J

How do we build up our trust again, and continue to channel? How do we continue with confidence, as we move into a closer relationship, or as Archangel Michael has said, “a partnership”, with our star families, and the Company of Heaven, as unified citizens of our beautiful planet, Gaia, as we take up our roles, and actively participate in creating our new paradigm?

Wes:  Perhaps the broader question would be how we’re able to open up and trust our Universal Family (the Company of Heaven) in general after a difficult experience with a negative entity.

If someone decides to stop channeling altogether because of a negative experience they had when attempting to, that decision is certainly honored. Just as you mentioned above, there are myriad different ways we can channel and connecting with disembodied entities, be them higher or lower-dimensional in consciousness, is just one form of this sacred act.

But I can imagine that a scarring experience of connecting with an entity of lower consciousness would put the idea of connecting with a whole family or company of disembodied entities in a daunting light, which presents a conundrum given the belief that our Universal Family could soon exist openly on this planet with us.

Eventually, one would have to reopen up to that connection because the Galactics and Angelics would be all around!

I suppose my recommendation to anyone who’s had such difficult experiences would be to go with the flow, and if you need to, put channeling and/or the idea of connecting with our Universal Family out of your head until any fear or trauma melts away.

I think that the fear of channeling caused by connection with a negative entity will ultimately fade as those entities find their influence and subsequent energetic “feedings” diminish, and that a greater connection can and ultimately will be found – even if it’s a process that takes a great amount of our fading concept of time for some seekers.

I’ve had my own experiences, but I haven’t had the direct negative experiences with duppy spirits that some have when opening up to channeling. I feel fortunate for that, and I definitely feel for any of you out there who’ve been affected negatively by a lower oriented energy/entity when channeling.

I think that we’ll all naturally find ourselves drawn back to our benevolent and loving Universal Family, even those of us who’ve had negative channeling experiences, and that the sheer vibration their presence within and around us heralds will help us forget that any negativity or difficulty ever existed.

Caroline:  In closing Wes, I’d like to ask if you would give us any last thoughts of encouragement for those who have intercepted a lower astral energy, perhaps based on any experiences you’ve had, and will you tell us what truly motivates you to keep going, even on days, when you might have felt bogged down, or unsure of your next step?

Wes:  I think it’s important to understand that connecting with a lower-oriented entity doesn’t make you a “bad” channel or anything of the sort.

It could perhaps be easy to convince yourself you’re channeling wrong if connecting with an entity of lower consciousness, but as we’ve been told, everything that happens to us happens for a necessary reason that’s usually intended to help us learn.

In my opinion, nobody should chastise or belittle themselves if they’ve connected with a lower-oriented entity in the past.

Nor should they be chastised by the awakening community, in my opinion, because we’re each growing and learning at our own pace and discouragement won’t get us anywhere in our spiritual progress.

Even if you’ve connected with an entity who’s sought to mislead and express oppressive energy, this doesn’t have to turn you away from your abilities as a channel for the Divine. We can understand this if we keep in mind that, as I mentioned above, it does no use fighting against your own current if you feel led away from channeling.

Channeling can be likened to any other ability that takes development and practice, with the added boost that you’re acting as a willing receptor for higher-dimensional energy. If you’ve connected with a lower-oriented entity or a reflection of your own mind/ego, understand that a diamond of expertise waits to be honed from every coal of beginner-ship and that your ability is infinite and limitless, no matter the extent to which you could convince yourself otherwise.

I think channeling is a great ability that’s just beginning to be discovered by a growing number of conscious people who understand the reality of the existence of our Universal Family.

I appreciate this discussion, Caroline, and I agree that it won’t do us any good to try to deny the “negative” aspect of channeling and connecting with disembodied entities overall.

It’s certainly been a taboo subject amongst the channeling circles, just like channeling can be a taboo subject amongst many spiritual circles, and I think that it’ll be addressed more and more in this time of growing spiritual (r)evolution.

The duppy will evolve and transform, and will eventually exist on the vibration of the higher-dimensional sources they’ve masqueraded as, and when they do so we can offer them forgiveness for their charades, which we’ll come to learn were the product of their parasitic desire for our energy.

As for the last part of the question – this right here is what keeps me going. Being a part of this blossoming conscious community provides among the greatest fulfillment I’ve ever experienced, second only to spending time with my family.

Reading the loving and supportive comments from readers and receiving thanks for using my perspective to help others along their growth fuels me to keep writing, channeling, blogging and doing everything else I can to contribute to a growing conscious revolution that’s only just begun.

The Love and joy of our evolving existence and of the utopian kingdom we’re building and growing back into, physically and spiritually, keeps me fueled when the going gets tough and it could be easier not to contribute.

Of course, giving myself the time to rest and recuperate – spending time with family or out in nature, playing music, etc. – is necessary for me and helps quite a bit.

We’ve been told about the importance of taking time and energy for ourselves amongst everything else, and as goes without saying, connecting with the higher dimensions be it via meditation, channeling or anything else, provides the greatest rejuvenation and willingness to contribute as much as possible to humanity’s awakening.

Thank you so much Wes, for your helpful insight.  Myself, and the readers, greatly appreciate your participation, and we wish you, and your family the very best.  Now, it’s time to get back to writing, right Wes?  Your recent articles on the New Paradigm are amazing, and I for one, can hardly wait to read what your writing next!

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took the time to read this interview, and I sincerely hope it brought forth a different perspective into the spiritual realms, and to those who are open to channel.

My thanks, and appreciation to Wes Annac for agreeing to work with me on this very important subject.  I’d  also like to remind everyone that Wes writes, and channels on his own free time for the greater good, and spiritual up liftment of all who read his work, as do many light workers all around the world.

I’m sure many of us also remember starting out as a young family, as Wes, his wife Brandy, and their young son recently bought a house of their own to which they have also recently received running water.  They are working hard to establish a loving home for their family.

Wes has a donation section on his website, if you feel so inclined to do so, it would be greatly appreciated, although as Wes expressed during the interview; “Reading the loving and supportive comments from readers and receiving thanks for using my perspective to help others along their growth fuels me to keep writing, channeling, blogging and doing everything else I can to contribute to a growing conscious revolution that’s only just begun. “

Thank you, Wes.

Much love and bright blessings to all,


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