Sophia Love – Re-post – Our Circular Journey – 26 November 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

~ Re posted from December 2011

I can’t help but notice the striking polarity all around… our dream is shifting and we are all feeling the change in resonance. If there is one thing we can be sure of it is that “this too shall pass”.  (12/9/11)

Love is love, and we are one.  It is universal. It is complete and whole and it is you and it is me and it does not matter if we ever meet.  We are the same stuff.  I read about nationalities and star nations and generations and sexes, yet truly, it is all just costuming.
Yes, there can be different degrees of comfort but truly, once you see without the lens of judgment you will see only love.
Those that are the least lovable are our greatest teachers and our brightest lights. (12/11/11)
You are here to remember who you are. This is not a state to be attained while meditating on a mountaintop. It is an awareness to be realized while changing diapers and pumping fuel. The life you have chosen is one of absolute glory – to recognize the beauty in the mundane and see the sacred in the ordinary is a gift beyond measure. It guarantees your cup will always be full. (12/12/11)
To live without judgment is to live without fear.  It begins within.  You are on a circular route and repeatedly enter and exit at different points.
It has taken many lifetimes, as existence holds infinite possibilities and this is merely one of them.
It is not the only one or the final one or the most important one, for they are judgments.
Every moment in each lifetime holds equal value. (12/14/11)
The sameness of your days does not diminish their importance.  See all as equal.  Love every nuance without judgment.
It is your goal to love yourself, to see yourself as Source beholds you.
There has never been one such as you and there never will be again.  You are unique and this moment, with your contribution to it, is perfection. (12/13/11)
You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

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