Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Say : “God Sent Me” – 27 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

You are part of Creation. Created in My Image, you are magnanimous. You are generous and kind, and you herald the angels of My thoughts. What is everything on Earth but the energy of God? What are all those atoms and molecules and the movement and the Stillness? What is everything and everyone? Where does anything come from but from the Energy of God?

You spread Me around. You may not know it, or you may. Whatever establishment you walk into, you are bringing Me with you. You are My Presenter. Without words, you say: “God sent me.”

In the deepest heart of Truth, nothing exists but I, God. So Who can you be but Myself? There are no two ways about it, even though linguistically We speak of Us as Two. I AM God Who talks to Myself. I speak. I do not mutter.

I do not hide Myself. You reflect Me. Then reflect Me. Let Me be seen through My Image. You are My Image, hallow-ed be thy name.

Whoever presents himself before you is yourself (Myself) in the guise of an individual human. Goodness knows, there are infinite varieties of Me, enough to fill the world, enough to make a statement. Let the statement be love. Let Me be known for love through the guise of the so-called you.

In the world of humans, you, the you that is called a human being, have a tendency to disqualify yourself from the Truth of Who You Are. It is not ego who knows the Truth of you. Ego knows a false image, and so you perpetuate a false image, an inadequate image, a put-down image. You are Greatness walking in a human form. This is a formality, beloveds. Begin to see beyond the human form. Encased in a human form, you see a myriad of human forms, and you, off the top of your head, like this one and don’t like another. You may not even know why. You just feel this is something you are supposed to do. It is called judging. Even as you understand you are not to judge, you are proficient at it and feel justified. You talk about someone giving you a dirty look. It is you. You besmirch yourself.

Instead of coming out of hiding, you hide yourself . You speak against yourself. When you speak against anyone, you slander yourself. The physical realm becomes your everything even as it is nothing at all but a reversed image, so to speak.

You can see anything you want. You can see annoyance. You can see miracles. And a human being is one of the miracles you see.

Remember how in the fairy tales, the younger brother turns out to be smarter than the older clever brother. The so-called elder clever brother dwells within you. And so does the younger brother shine forth in you. Innocent be your name. Be the innocent younger brother to yourself, and you will shine light on the world as you walk through it. Humility does not judge. It does not compare. Humility knows that whoever comes before you, it is I. I do not disguise Myself. Now it is not for you to disguise yourself as one who judges. Sneer not at any individual. Within the one that you might call the lowest dwells the Highest. This is across the board. I make no exceptions. Why, then, do you? You must think that you are on a quality control assembly line. How well you look for imperfection. It is as though you have sought it.

Now look for Me, beloveds. Seek and ye shall find, for I AM the light within every One. / link to original article

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