Is Germany the Ultimate ‘Rogue Nation’? – 27 November 2013

45_48_Rogue_Nation1• New book decisively counters the myth of “German villainy”

A TBR review of the new book The Myth of German Villainy

By Michael Collins Piper

Benton L. Bradberry’s The Myth of German Villainy is a book about which this reviewer can absolutely say, “I wish I’d written it myself.” The other thing that can be said with certainty about The Myth of German Villainy is this: Every American patriot needs to read this book, particularly those who have—quite unsurprisingly—bought into a lot of the nonsense about 20th century history pawned off by the controlled media and bought-and-paid-for historians shilling for the New World Order elite. Much of their nonsense has managed to find its way even into the “alternative” media (particularly on the Internet) today.
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