Lucas – A Thanks For(e)-Giving – 27 November 2013

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Author: Marcus Quigmire – Florida, USA

Thanks Giving ; the origins of the feast you may have been taught in school or by your parents. Most  see it as a feast that remembers like all great holidays and gatherings to be the appreciation of each others company, and the  love and respect of family, friends and loved ones. It is about enjoying a meal and a nice day or few days together.  Most of you will have in some way  the need of reflections on your relationships with your dear ones. It is more often also a feast of not only giving but also fore-giving.

It is great if you can step over your own shadows and be your own litigator of peace inside of you and make peace also with others.  It is good to see that lots of problems, fights and arguments just were expressions of the moment build on a perception of that moment. People change and experience and grow as that is what happens in everyone’s life. The new moment of the now is a good open space to clear things and open up your maybe closed doors. Welcome in maybe what you pushed out for no reason or that what is new upon your path.

Whatever you do just remember also to see lots  of your fellow citizens, countryman, strangers and friends over the world are not doing that great to gather around a table to feast on a meal in a nice hot warm house. Remember that you always have a place around your table for someone who unexpected could show up or  for someone you invited. Also you can help someone to make a feast of their own in these challenging times for all.

The support in these dark days of the ending of the year is not a one time wipe your mind clean gesture for not caring the rest of the year. This time it should be about you really caring with joy from your heart.  I have talked a lot with people who now have less or nothing and I know what it is like. I have been shown and showed myself to people that a little goes a long way if your inventive and resourceful. My experience has been that often people who are not that well of or being in  less fortunate situations will make more of an effort to bring joy into their loved ones and friends lives. They will  share with a big heart the little they have and forget a bit of their burden.

I am sharing these images and thoughts to let you  see there is always a space in your heart for someone to care for or to support or help even in your surroundings or neighbourhood. Remember that in the coming weeks you will share with others in the holidays.  The appreciation of those who will be supported or helped or even invited is always great and sometimes not expressed but you will feel it.  It would be great to see  you all giving a gift of love to others this ending year. The feast will become than a real feast of thanks for giving your love expressed in support, help and many others ways your heart can think of.

Have a great feast and share all your beautiful energies amongst each other in peace and love.

Love and light,


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