AmericanKabuki – Morocco Diary Chapter 1 – 28 November 2013

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-fBy American Kabuki

November 28, 2013

Love to all you readers from a very windy and wet Thanksgiving Day in Morocco at Casa Caleb! Winter seems to have arrived here on the Northern coast of Morocco in full force  We’ve had some sunny days this week but the blowing wind has been a pretty constant roar.  Winter has arrived and mediterranean sea is roiling.  This part of Morocco (when the sun shines) is very beautiful.  Even in the rain its a beautiful place, but I think D. say better weather here than I am seeing.  Winter will pass soon enough.

I left California on the 10th of November and arrived here in Morocco on the 11th.  After getting my luggage checked in at the counter in San Diego with American Airlines I was quite surprised to find out I was put on TSA preferred traveler list. Hmmm.  You mean I don’t have to go through the cattle chute into the x ray machine? Cool! I didn’t have to get nuked by the scanner and take my shoes off in San Diego.  I don’t know how I got on that list, but thank you to whomever it was that put me there. I certainly didn’t apply for it.  My brother found he has been similarly upgraded on flight out of Florida, and he has nothing to do with the work I am doing. He  didn’t apply either.  Not sure what’s going on there, but sure beats being on the other list.  Perhaps we have friends in high places?

I decided this trip to pay the extra 40 bucks for the San Diego to DFW, and DFW to Madrid for a bit more legroom.  I discovered last trip to Morocco you have to pay extra to not bang your knees on the chair in front of you on American Airlines flights across the Atlantic.  If they make seats any closer on these flights they’ll have to start vacuum packing passengers like coffee bricks.  So if you do any long trips…hint…pay for the extra leg room.  These days the airlines are playing the nickel and dime you to death game, luggage charges, leg room charges, you know the drill.  My how flying has changed from the days when I worked in the airlines! Doesn’t have to be this way, if they were all honest about their fares and provided decent leg room, they’d actually improve their revenue yield as they’d get more more money per seat and they’d have less empty seats.  Honesty in air travel fares…what a concept!  But they still play this game of cramming more people on each flight while retiring old planes.  The price of fuel the oil companies charge really drives all craziness in the airlines. Bring on the zero point energy devices now!

Spain has a strange policy with Moroccan flights.  The planes are always on the tarmac far away from the terminal.  Morocco is a peaceful country, so I’m not sure what the deal is.  Maybe its revenge for the Moor invasion in the 8th century?  Europeans do have long memories. Whatever the reason,  you always have to take a bus to get the plane on the tarmac. Doesn’t really matter if its Royal Air Moroc or Iberia.   Its not that these airports are old, Madrid is a modern airport (I had to laugh though at the ad agency that dreamed up funneling ALL the Madrid transferring passengers through the middle of the duty free gift store!) and the Barcelona airport is down right futuristic.

Why Iberia chooses to put the Iberia flight to Tangier at the farthest end of the airport is beyond my understanding, and of course after walking all that way with far too much baggage, you’d expect there’d be a plane there waiting right? NOPE!  There’s a bus. And that takes you to a point on the tarmac roughly outside of where you got off the American Airlines and started your miles long transfer journey! Grrrrr!  Like that makes sense?

I brought my iMac this trip, decided since I am going to be here longer than the last trip I’d have my favorite blogging tool with me.  I bought this really nice case for the iMac at The Flight Case Company   in the UK, and it worked beautifully.  If you got a mac and you travel, check the company out. They make a great case and it will save your precious hardware from the baggage handing gorillas!

My computer arrived in perfect working condition, but I thought for awhile something was wrong with it as the fan runs all the time.  Then it occurred to me the iMac is now running on 240 volts and the power supply might be putting off more heat than it does on 120 volts in the USA, and the fan is doing exactly what its supposed to do, so I decided I’ll just have to have to live with that until I can buy a voltage reducing power supply.

The customs man was quite interested in the custom mac flight case, probably thought I had exotic lab equipment in it rather than just an Apple computer.  I had to pay a temporary duty on it which I will get back when I take the computer back out of the country. Cost me about 100 Euros.  He was confused about where the computer was, as the iMac is an all-in-one computer, a younger customs guy volunteered to his boss the computer was “integrated”. Actually he was pretty kind man to deal with once we got past the language barrier and the confusion about whether the duty was in Moroccan Dirhams or Euros.  Since June the Moroccans have a habit of quoting prices in Euros, because they see more Europeans than Americans here.  Ten Dirham is equal to one Euro.

The first thing I noticed living here outside of the USA is the absence of the surveillance cameras. Seriously! San Diego, and pretty much the rest of America is rapidly evolving to a surveillance society thanks to all the 9/11 Homeland security slush funds funneled to towns across America to create the current police state we call home.  What the defense companies didn’t make in no-bid war contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan they made up in scanner sales and security cameras and facial recognition software.  The town I lived in, Carlsbad California, has cameras on every light and lately they’ve all been interlinked with long range WIFI antennas.  And its not like the town has much of a crime rate.  So why the peeping eyes? Cameras don’t stop crime, they sometimes help identify criminals after the fact, but they don’t really prevent crime do they?  The person who is mugged or raped, isn’t really helped at the moment by having someone watch the crime in progress.  Its not about crime prevention, its about you self-censoring yourself believing ubiquitous nameless and unaccountable government eyes are constantly watching you.  You know a government is seriously messed up when they are paranoid of their own citizens.  I have more privacy here in Morocco than I have in my own country.  And of course the NSA will spy on me in either place. At least according to Snowden. Not much I can do about that.

Morocco itself is a land of much potential.  It had a free trade agreement with the USA but USAID mafia F’ed over the country and that’s been in limbo for years.  As President Reagan once said the scariest words you can hear from the Federal Government is “I am from government and I am here to help you!”.  The corruption in USAid, Red Cross and many NGOs is well documented.

There’s a wide variety of climates here, from desert to alpine.  Where we live its almost identical to San Diego (right now make that San Diego in winter!).  I’ll be writing more about my experiences here in coming days, one chapter at a time.  I do apologize for the delay, D warned me I’d get so much data that I’d forget the earlier stuff just trying to keep up with the current stuff.  Heather has asked D. and myself to chronicle our experiences as we go through the learning curve of what she’s going to show us as we set out on some new projects.  D. is currently waylaid in Malta sorting out some passport/visa issues with her children’s documents.

Heather feels our work in banking is complete.  So we are planning and creating new projects which will disclose in the coming months.

Three things are yet left that have to transpire event wise, the exact sequence I am not quite sure. We’ll have to see if they are sequential or simultaneous (lately I am betting on the latter).  But I am not making any dogmatic statements on that because I don’t know.  Depends on how things unfold I suppose and the choices that are made by the various beings…

1) The Galactic/Celestial Energetic pulse of Creator Source’s Love and light Event (which many blogs speak of including us)

2) Disclosure of ETs

3) Disclosure of “the divines”.

Those new to the blog may be familiar with ETs but not the divines. The divines are a class of beings of a higher energetic than ETs, kind of the middle managers in this universe. They don’t die, some call them “the eternals”, “the elders”, “ascended masters” (the ones who worked their way out of our 3d energetics through some very rigorous spiritual disciplines) and others.  There will be complete disclosure of their roles in this experiment in duality.  Some of them fear that.  They need not fear. There are no losers in the end of the experiment here.

The divines control the very top of the banking system.  You can think of them as the invisible capstone on the illuminati pyramid.  They have remained largely hidden in recent earth history, but they do show up in myths from ancient times as greek “gods”, “goddesses”,  asian “deities”, “demigods”, etc. from a time they worked more directly with mankind.  They are hinted about in many Hollywood movies, Highlander, John Carter of Mars, and in the super hero movies.

At some point in history, perhaps after numerous human rebellions, they found it more useful to work indirectly with the planet through human proxies like the Rothschilds and other old European families and Chinese Dragon families. They are all interrelated through Genghis Khan anyway. The divines exist (although everyone thought we were nuts last January when we published that, until confirmation started coming in from other sources unrelated to our work like Zap and Keenan and Fulford), and its now its well known the Chinese “old man” is the original emperor from the Qing dynasty and comes and goes from this planet to sign off on major banking events (love the old man – he’s making everything transparent as he told Heather he would!) He funded the American revolution with gold, and the building of the transcontinental railway.

The divines are ultimately the ones pulling the strings on this planet.  And honestly they really thought no beings would be capable of  holding them accountable.  The did not think Eternal Essence itself would “enforce” on their in-body-ments, and that is now occurring throughout their realm among those that choose to harm other in-body-ments.  And its got more than few of them in a real panic right now.  They try to do one RV after another but each time they feed it into that Universal Value system AI Computer it spits back out as the energetics of it just won’t fly.

One of the big questions we were asked with the filings, was “this is all legal and good but how will you enforce?”  To which we just laughed.  They wouldn’t  believe us if we told them!  We don’t have to.  Eternal Essence that lives in all in-body-ments enforces it.  The filings were just formalities closing out what began as a contractual arrangement for a finite time.  But they had to be done and published openly so nobody could say they didn’t have notice before the EVENT happened.

There’s a wide variety of intentions within the divines realm, just as there is among humans.  So when you see the Rothschilds being promoted as the ultimate source of all evil (granted they not by anyone’s definition nice folks), realize its not all black and white, cause they were just very well paid proxies and brokers on the food chain of the energy extraction system that has had a harness on this planet and its people.

In the banking system the nasty dark stuff was compartmentalized, because at the highest levels of banking its all about energetics, so the guys doing the energetic work contracted out the dark wet work of controlling the planet to the more ambitious and violent in our society (the lower vibration behavior really screws up their energetic work), often with people of known character flaws or weaknesses that can be easily blackmailed or extorted if they get out of line, or made ultimate scapegoats when they tried to phoenix the system with an RV.  They led their minions to believe it was only about money and that these debts were really owed by the people of the planet (they are not).  At the highest levels of banking it all gets really “woo woo” and its about extracting energy from the planet.  Its not not unlike the green energy harvesting of will in the movie The Green Lantern.  Its gets that strange.

The divines have held control over earth and ETs by what they did not reveal about existence in this universe.  Some things they did not know, until recently, like the fact that ALL are eternal essence in body.  They have tended to see themselves as superior to mere mortals because they have not have had to live in the pea soup adversarial energetics planet earth has had. They come here but they don’t tend to stay here long.

To be continued soon with part 2 / link to original article


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