Dave Schmidt – The Sedona Connection – Update On The NDA – 28 November 2013

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Update on the NDA!!!

The Purpose of the NDA is Beginning to Come to Light!!!

Many of you have written to me with your questions, comments, or concerns regarding a recent posting via a person named Judge Dale and the nondisclosure agreement (NDA).
So I thought it would be best to draft a single response.
Before I comment on Judge Dale allow me to make a pre-cursory statement on the NDA.  
As many of you know I spent 12 years in the Washington State legislature so I’m very familiar with drafting bills, passing laws, implementing laws, working with attorneys, and understanding the due process of law with the courts.
The jury is still out on the NDA’s effectiveness and implementation.  As more information is becoming available its foolishness, impracticalness, unenforceability, unfairness and unconstitutional application is beginning to be exposed.  Some of the statements are just downright stupid and ludicrous to think they can come anywhere close to being real.
Statements have been made that the NDA is going to be applied to every currency in every country around the world.  I’m sorry, but TNT Tony needs to get his head screwed on, his thinking cap adjusted and start asking how it’s going to be imposed.  His statement implies all of the 198 currency countries in the world have gotten together, agreed to this NDA and imposed and passed laws within their countries to make it be internationally enforced.
There are no such standards on an international basis to impose this in all of the banks around the world.  Now maybe he made a misstatement and is thinking this may only apply to the four currencies being dramatically revalued.  But, this goes against international foreign exchange policies and makes it almost impossible to exchange any of these currencies in their current conditions.  Rates change on a day by day basis on all of the currencies on the foreign exchange.  Why should you all a sudden need to sign an NDA for currently traded currency that has only changed its value.
I think the truth about the NDA is beginning to be exposed based on the comments from Mountain Goat’s post on November 25th. Based on her statements certain high powered officials and dignitaries have already exchanged their dinar and dong and been paid out.  They have violated over 20 laws of foreign exchange rules, SEC regulations and our subject to finding themselves going to prison should this be disclosed.  It is obvious they are trying to cover this up, keep this quiet as possible, and save themselves from being prosecuted in spending years in prison.
It appears the NDA is their effort to cover their rear ends from violating the law by receiving special treatment and money compensations in contrast to the rest of us.  In my opinion it’s high elected and government officials trying to impose their power on the rest of us by keeping us in fear and trepidation so they won’t have to go to jail.
Now, to the posts by Judge Dale, I think it may be another attempt from the other side to keep us silenced, in fear, or keep us from exchanging our dinar and dong.  Here’s the link to his article
Here is what concerns me regarding his statements.
1.       His statements seem to raise more questions than they answer.  While his issues may seem to be plausible and seem credible because he uses the title of judge, they have a number misstatements.
2.      My primary concern is his lack of true identity.  He uses a title with only a first name.  Anybody can do this and sound official, but he has made a statement that has huge implications and dramatic consequences for not only many individuals, but also the direction of our country.  He in essence is saying the United States is becoming a fascist government.  He is implying a government that is rapidly on its way to becoming like NAZI Germany.  Someone who is willing to make that strong of a statement should back it up with their full name, what type of the judge they are, where they have practiced, and further credentials.  His unwillingness to do so implies this is very likely another attempt to create fear, confusion and chaos in the process.
3.      For a while TNT Tony was reporting he was the only one that knew the contents of the NDA.  Judge Dale is making quotes in statements as though he is familiar with its contents.  If that is the case then he should tell us how he received it, from whom he received it and post it for all of us so we can be prepared to make a good decision.  His unwillingness to do so reflects more posturing of keeping us in the dark and confused vs. truly want to help us through this process.
4.      Any judge should be able to see the NDA is unconstitutional, violates international exchange laws, is totally unenforceable and has tons of loopholes to bypass its intent.  That being the case he should know that a single Federal Judge could overturn this agency intent and rule it totally “out of order.”  His refusal to even admit those issues makes me question his reliability to being a true and unbiased judge.
So right now it’s hard to make a qualified statement from his comments.  It’s filled with enough statements of truth, filtered with other misstatements that it creates more confusion and questions than practical reality.
I want to give this some more time and see how it develops, as there are just too many inconsistencies in his statements at this time.
Here’s an analysis I have as of now:
If his statements are true, the United States is rapidly on its way to becoming a fascist government.  It means the cabal has become more powerful, more greedy, and more in control of our world and environment than ever before.  It means the “light” has dramatically lost ground to the darkness of an evil world.
I don’t believe that is happening.  I think we are moving into a new Golden Age as our human race is evolving in its consciousness and progressing beyond the old paradigms of fear, domination, and the continual killing of wars.  The paradigm Judge Dale presents sends us backwards and deeper into an old dark evil world.  I believe we are growing out of that type of an environment and into a world of more love and light.
I will watch his statements, but as of now I’m not giving much credibility to what he has said.  It’s filled with too much fear of the fascist government that is attempting to totally control and dominate our lives and shut out the light of divine guidance.
His statements go in direct opposition to where I believe we are moving and why we are being given the opportunity to participate in this currency exchange and Reval.  Our purpose is to expand the world with love, compassion, light and giving hearts.  Our purpose is to take our millions of dollars and make a total change from the old paradigm of greed, fear and power to one of love and light filled with giving and abundance.  His analysis just doesn’t take us there, it takes us into a dark evil and fearful world.
So I’ll be watching this more but right now I think it’s just another attempt to keep us in fear and control.

Blessings!!!  Dave

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