Lisa Gawlas – The Growth, The Ascent, The Emergence Of A Unified Eagle (Us) – 29 November 2013

lisagawlas2It has taken me three days to reabsorb the energy of the Mesa.  The first day home, when I awoke on Tuesday morning, my god, my head felt like it was wrapped in a vise all night long and encircled my entire cranium.  Talk about skull crushing.  But I also knew, this new enhanced energy combination (of both myself and the Mesa) had to be intense and it was as it started in my head Tuesday and by yesterday was at my root where the coccyx meets the lumbar spine.  I swear someone had a wrench and was just turning it and turning it.  The discomfort in my tailbone was so strong, I decided to take a black bath loaded with dead sea salts, frankincense and eucalyptus oil, in hopes of some physical relief and maybe even a meditation too!!

For those wondering what a black bath is, let me show you:


It seems soot or something accumulates in my water heater when I don’t run a bath in a while.  It leaves a black, sooty residue at the bottom when i drain the tub, which I did at least 12 times the day before.  It’s kinda funny to get out of the bath feeling dirtier than when you went in!! lol  But it worked in releasing the wrench around my tailbone!!  Plus… I actually got to have a meditation too.  It took some pleading on my part for it to happen.  Being back Home again, I am back to having a “living meditation” as opposed to the closed eye, bathtub ones again, but hey… throw a weary girl a bone!!

The two days prior to getting into my bathtub meditation, I had spent feeling the energy expansion reconnect to me and me to it.  It’s kinda funny really, when i walked in the door at 1 am on Tuesday morning, it felt, well, kinda empty in my house.  The dust I had seen on my dads cloud adventure was true, gotta love the desert dirt’s invasiveness.  However, Tuesday after I woke up, I could feel the re-connection and actually could see it too.  Like a clearish, watery/gel-like energy that started to seep out of the walls and connect to my body, very much like lungs breathing…. expand, contract, in and out.

As I was refilling one of my many coffee’s of the morning, I felt the Mesa call me.  I went to the back door and felt my whole Self gasp.  The Mesa was lit from top to bottom, a first for me to be able to take this full on picture:

mornign light

I suddenly realized I have taken a good many pictures of that Mesa over the 2 years I have been here and not once did I ever capture the light from the ground up to the top, at least, not until this day.  I also never realized how much the light of the Mesa was talking to us in these pictures.  I do now!!

When I (we) first arrived here, all the pictures were an intense yellow/gold, thick with color and vibrancy.  At first, I would only capture the very top light as the months and years passed, the coloring became light and fuller (longer down the mesa.)  The image below is one of the first images I ever captured here:


The yellow/gold coloring of the above picture reminds me of the meditation I had with my Dad a few days before be passed.  His soul took his physical energy that was watery looking (very much the way I seen the reconnection energy here on Tuesday) and stretched it out to the point of looking exactly like the top part of the mesa.  I realize this morning the two images are very relevant.  When our bodies are preparing for a new ascent (for my dad, it literally was back to Heaven, for us, Heaven is on the ground) the energy changes as we use it.  If we choose to use the energy available to us (and we did) it thins out, becomes lighter, much more elastic.  We obviously used this mesa energy very very well!!  It is not only lighter now, it is complete… head to toe Light.

Which really makes my vision/understanding from Wednesday even more exciting.  I have a couple of eagle feathers that were my fathers sitting in a cup that also includes the vibrant orange feather that was gifted to me before my trip to Pennsylvania.  Only, one of the feathers is missing.  Well, maybe not missing, just no longer in my reality.  I left both of the orange feathers on my desk when i left for PA and when I came home, there is only one here.  I put the arrangement of feathers underneath the picture I have hanging on the wall of me and my dad.  I was looking at the arrangement, remembering the first day I met my father last year and asked the eagles to give me a message.  Suddenly I could see inside of an eagle egg and within its contents was a bird forming, still egg like, but with veins and a shape that would eventually become the baby bird.  My first thought was… how weird a message/visual.  I am looking for something profound and I get a baby bird becoming…

I realize this totally symbolizes US.  Me and You!!  It also symbolizes the last quarter of this amazing and profound year of 2013 as well.  So many of us came to completions, complete end cycles and the vision I had seen of October, of this last quarter of 2013 had consistently showed (for those few energy readings that allowed us to see) a new web of gold and black energy emerging.  A new collective field of applied consciousness (emphasis on applied.)

It’s kinda funny now that I think back.  My father first became ill in September.  I couldn’t find an affordable flight to his world to save my life, the cheapest one I could find was just under $800, wayyyyyy out of my ballpark.

When he got admitted to the hospital again at the end of September, everything inside of me told me his time on this side of the veil was short, very short.  The airfares were substantially cheaper, but man, all my bills are due and I don’t have extra cash.  The hesitation inside of me would be one last HUGE lesson.  I watched as the frontier airlines (the cheapest one of them all) went from $200 one way, to just under $300 one way in a matter of hours… while I paced back and forth on what to do: Pay my car payment or screw it and go see my daddy.  That would leave me with just under $100 for the month.  Shit.  Just shit.  4 hours into my own pacing and 3 calls to frontier, I hesitated too long.  Within less than 30 minutes the air fare for the next day went all the way up to $425 and the guy on the other end had no give to him at all.  I sat down and cried.

Money has always been my worry spot.  I once again choose money, keeping my bills paid, over Life itself.  Plus I had a reading schedule that I soooo didn’t want to reschedule… again.  I cannot tell you how cringed up inside I get when I have to reschedule!!

And I cried harder… until I heard priceline dropped into my head and found a flight instantly for $185 thru American Airlines.  Let me tell you, I didn’t hesitate at all.  All I wanted was one last slow dance with my father.  Thanks to your loving kindness, we all got just that, and then some!!

My father provided the most perfect choice point for me, for all of us.  His timing was impeccable.  Your LOVE, immersible!!

I am also realizing (as I type this) that the eagle in the egg is not one bird, it is all of us that made it thru this massive choice point.  We will each become the feather upon the body of the bird and fly to new heights, together, as One.  The body itself, our unconditional love for each other and for All.

So as I am sitting in my black bath, I was teetering between begging my father for some financial assistance, December 1st is around the corner and I haven’t even paid my November bills yet.  (Old habits die hard… but what was amazing, the fear, the anxt within, was not present at all.)  What I was shown was a massive storm cloud above my home and intense rain coming in slant ways (left to right) above the cloud itself.  The only thing I could do was laugh, the cloud matched the color of my bath water, seems fitting… as above so below.  But… where is that rain coming from??  It’s above the cloud making it fuller.

But I also had another pressing matter for my meditation.  I had just gotten off the phone with my son and we had a conversation that just, well, released tears I didn’t know I had within me.

I had asked my son if he is going to call his father since it was Thanksgiving.  He has had a relationship with his father like I did with mine, estranged most of his life.  However, the only difference is, once my father found me, he stayed in touch all the time.  My sons father, not so much.  So my son said no, he is not putting any more energy towards that relationship and I could feel his hurt inside.  He really wants his father in his life and his sons life.

There is no doubt, the words that came out of my mouth were from my own father and surely not from me.  I explained to him that his father does not know how to be a father, he never had that bond with you (my son) and he has no other children to learn from.  However, you know how to be a good son, a really good son.  Be that.  And the tears inside of me welled so strong I swear someone just squeezed them to the surface.

My father, in our talks, had said many times he didn’t know how to be a father, so be was a provider.  Spending most of his time in an 18 wheeler on the road.

In my bath, I realized that we all, so often, want someone to be who we need them to be.  A father, a mother, a spouse, a friend… and wait, sometimes a lifetime without ever getting “that.”

My whole lifetime, I wanted my mother, the only parent figure I had in my life, to acknowledge I was a good kid.  I never got that.  One day, when my father had his foot in both worlds and I was heading into the kitchen so he could pee bedside, he sent an energy wave to me with the words I had so longed to hear all my life “you are such a good kid.”  It was not the words that got me, but the feeling… the love and gratitude within it.

My son is a great son and an amazing father and I pray, one day, his own father will realize himSelf within his (our) amazing son.  May you all be “that” to whomever needs to fully realize their beauty too.

On that note, I am going to close until tomorrow.

I will be doing readings again starting December 1st and I am sooooooo flipping excited!!  I will be opening The Soul Gym sometime in December, I will let you know the details when I have them ironed out.

Birds of a Feather growing on One Body of Life, together, we are soaring to new heights and new energy fields as we move towards 2014!!

My gratitude and love for all we have done together and are about to do once more overflows my heart with excitement!!

Eagle ((((((HUGZ))))) to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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