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WakingTimes – Dr. Eldon Dahl – Why Natural Therapeutic Medicine Is Needed More Today Than Ever Before – 29 November 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Our world is broken and in dire need of repair, and humanity’s created toxicity is starting to show its effects in our declining health and well-being. Preventative decisions made today can completely change how we live out our final years, but this change must be done from power rather than need. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Wal-Mart Plagued By The “Wrong Kind” Of Lines On Black Friday – 29 November 2013

ZeroHedgeYesterday, it was fast-food workers explaining that a 100% minimum wage rise “would do just fine” and today it is Wal-Mart employees pressing for a 50% rise. As McClatchy reports, Wal-Mart employees plan to disrupt operations at 1,500 of the company’s stores on Black Friday. “Wal-Mart raked in $15.7 billion in profits last year alone, but apparently they don’t feel any need to share that wealth with their millions of workers,” rages one union campaign organizer as they hope the protests will also put pressure on Congress to increase the minimum wage. The reality of raising the minimum wage remains lost on most who never stop to think of where the ‘money’ comes from. But the protest lines and “unprecedented” disruption is unlikely to encourage Wal-Mart executives to soften their stance.

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Cola’s Are Effective Pesticides – Why Indian States Are Banning Cola’s

laura-of-the-rocksI often forget that people still drink soda, but if you or someone you love does, this video is definitely worth a watch. The video focuses on demands for India to ban cola’s due to unsafe ingredients, including pesticides as high as 24 times the regulated amount. There’s also lots of information in this video about Aquafina and Dasani water — which is just tap water, “sometimes purified, sometimes not.” [Buy a Berkey and make your own bottled water. It tastes great and purifies even stream water, preserving minerals, removing the poisons.] This video doesn’t even get into the dangers of diet sodas, but if you’ve not read this piece on aspartame, you might want to click here for “Confessions of an Aspartame Addict.” Continue reading

IrishExaminer – Banking Policy Could Include Limiting Of Balance Sheets – 29 November 2013

Irish Examiner

Macroprudential policy for the banking system in the future could include measures to prevent expansion of banks’ balance sheets beyond a certain scale, said the governor of the Central Bank, Patrick Honohan.

By John Walsh

This would then “put the onus on authorities to determine what is the optimal size and structure of the country’s financial sector — not an enviable task”.

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More Transhumanism Agenda – 29 November 2013

Irish Examiner

‘SmartWig’ incorporates GPS, monitors brainwaves

Friday, November 29, 2013

Are you both bald and lost? Then the SmartWig from Japan might be just what you need.

By Alan Dwyer Tokyo

A wig-based computing device, SmartWig, which can read the wearer’s brainwaves and direct them to their destination with GPS.

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AmericanKabuki – Trans Pacific Partnership: TPP Defenders Take To The Internet To Deliver Official Talking Point; Inadvertently Confirm Opponents Worst Fears – 29 November 2013

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The leaked TPP draft, pried loose from the “open and transparent” grip of the USTR, is generating plenty of commentary all over the web. After getting a good look inside, it’s little wonder the USTR felt more comfortable trying to push this through under the cover of darkness. Continue reading

John Ward – Hunt Balls : Osborne Helps Hunt Support The Elderly By Rewarding 2700 Failed Bankers With €2.7 Billion – 29 November 2013

huntgobtitleFrom today’s FT:

Pay for top UK bankers up by a third

Last year 2,714 earned more than €1m

From the FT dated September 25th 2013:

‘Britain is taking legal action against an EU cap on bankers’ bonuses in an attempt to strike down the measure on the grounds that it hurts financial stability. George Osborne, the UK chancellor, filed the case at the European Court of Justice last week – in a step to protect pay freedom that most banks thought would be too politically unpalatable for the Treasury . His move came after breakthroughs this month for the UK in Brussels, including significant headway in a court case to clip the powers of an EU market watchdog on short selling. The suit is the fourth launched by Mr Osborne on an EU financial services issue in the past two years. The Treasury said the bonus cap threatened moves to increase financial stability.’ Continue reading

CommonDreams – Jim Lobe – From Tehran To Tokyo, US Geo-Strategic Shifts In Motion – 29 November 2013

common-dreamsWASHINGTON – From the Middle East to the East China Sea, the last week’s events have offered a particularly vivid example of the much-heralded shift in foreign policy priorities under the administration of President Barack Obama.

Just four days ago, the U.S. and its P5+1 partners (U.S., Britain, France, Russia, and China plus Germany) announced a historic agreement with Iran on its nuclear programme, an accord that many analysts believe could pave the way for an eventual strategic rapprochement between Washington and Tehran.

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NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – Rare H6N1 Bird Flu Strain Makes First Human Appearance – 29 November 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) For the first time ever, the H6N1 bird flu has turned up in a human being, a 20-year-old Taiwanese woman who was hospitalized earlier this year after she developed a high fever, cough and shortness of breath. According to the Associated Press (AP), the woman somehow came down with the virus, which had previously been isolated to birds, even though she had not come into contact with any live fowl. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Growth, The Ascent, The Emergence Of A Unified Eagle (Us) – 29 November 2013

lisagawlas2It has taken me three days to reabsorb the energy of the Mesa.  The first day home, when I awoke on Tuesday morning, my god, my head felt like it was wrapped in a vise all night long and encircled my entire cranium.  Talk about skull crushing.  But I also knew, this new enhanced energy combination (of both myself and the Mesa) had to be intense and it was as it started in my head Tuesday and by yesterday was at my root where the coccyx meets the lumbar spine.  I swear someone had a wrench and was just turning it and turning it.  The discomfort in my tailbone was so strong, I decided to take a black bath loaded with dead sea salts, frankincense and eucalyptus oil, in hopes of some physical relief and maybe even a meditation too!! Continue reading