WakingTimes – Dr. Eldon Dahl – Why Natural Therapeutic Medicine Is Needed More Today Than Ever Before – 29 November 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Our world is broken and in dire need of repair, and humanity’s created toxicity is starting to show its effects in our declining health and well-being. Preventative decisions made today can completely change how we live out our final years, but this change must be done from power rather than need.

Society functions on the premise that the system–even with its flaws–is functioning just fine, as long as our daily needs are met. The blanket of disguise and deception keeps getting pulled over our eyes, and those doing the pulling get richer by the day, skimming profits straight from the top without accountability. We can’t look to our politicians for help; this seems to be a wasted effort, for they have become nothing more than jokes for late night comedy. It appears that the frivolity of these elected officials takes up most of the national news, and is almost set as a staged diversion from addressing critical issues like the continued radiation toxicity being leaked by Fukushima, which is 16 million times above the limit and with a half-life of 30 years.

The combined contaminants from pollution and low-dose radiation are beginning to show in our declining state of health. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 5 Americans now suffer from some form of mental illness. An estimated 5.2 million have Alzheimer’s disease, with a new case discovered every 68 seconds. By 2050, that rate is estimated to be 1 every 33 seconds. In care homes, it is estimated that 42% have Alzheimer’s or dementia, and it is the 5th leading cause of death for those 65 years and older. In 2011, diabetes affected 25.8 million Americans or 8.3% of the population. Currently, 1 in 3 Americans–33% of the country’s population–is living in chronic pain. In Canada, the rate is 1 in 5, which is 20% of the population. The ratio of children suffering from autism is 1 in 888; this is a 23% increase since 2009, and according to my research, this is a clear connection to the side effects from vaccinations.

We need support for almost everything, from clean air to clean food and water. We first begin to notice the need when our mental faculties begin to decline; this is associated with fatigue and despondency. Our desperate way of getting through the day is by consuming more caffeine or sugary energy drinks. The first to go is our short term memory: where are my keys…does this sound familiar? Even young people are quickly being affected by short-term memory loss, due to lack of sleep and the unconscious stress of constant social contact with friends.

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