ZeroHedge – Wal-Mart Plagued By The “Wrong Kind” Of Lines On Black Friday – 29 November 2013

ZeroHedgeYesterday, it was fast-food workers explaining that a 100% minimum wage rise “would do just fine” and today it is Wal-Mart employees pressing for a 50% rise. As McClatchy reports, Wal-Mart employees plan to disrupt operations at 1,500 of the company’s stores on Black Friday. “Wal-Mart raked in $15.7 billion in profits last year alone, but apparently they don’t feel any need to share that wealth with their millions of workers,” rages one union campaign organizer as they hope the protests will also put pressure on Congress to increase the minimum wage. The reality of raising the minimum wage remains lost on most who never stop to think of where the ‘money’ comes from. But the protest lines and “unprecedented” disruption is unlikely to encourage Wal-Mart executives to soften their stance.

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