ActivistPost – Tony Cartalucci – Reuters Accidentally Exposes Thai Regime’s “Supporters” – 30 November 2013

Logo_activistpost-comWestern media exposes Thai regime’s “supporters” as manipulated enclave of impoverished, uneducated rice farmers occupying Khmer Rouge-style “red villages” who want anti-regime protesters “dead.” 

Reuters, in perhaps an attempt to prop up the crumbling Wall Street-backed regime in Bangkok, Thailand, has attempted to portray it as a popular, “democratically elected” government.

What its article, “Thailand’s red-shirt heartland hides its strength,” ends up doing instead, is exposing the regime’s support base as a pitiful, forsaken segment of Thai society, manipulated and exploited for now over a decade to build up an unassailable voting block and violent personality cult upon which the Thaksin Shinawatra regime stands.

Reuters’ report claims:

As thousands of largely middle-class Thais flood Bangkok streets in protests aimed at overthrowing the government of the populist Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, one volatile factor has been largely absent from the streets: the red-shirted protesters who helped bring her to power.

But in the background, the red shirts remain a potent force, despite being hobbled by a bitterly divided leadership and the atrophy that comes with more than two years of their side being in power.

Reuters intentionally downplays the numbers and constitution of the masses swelling in the streets of Bangkok, and now in provinces across the country, including in the rural areas once thought to be exclusively behind the Shinawatra regime.

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