Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 1 December 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

November 30, 2013

There is so much anticipation for the Comet Ison.
Do you have any information to add to what we already know?

Thank you,

Good day Sophia! The comet Ison is an ordinary comet, it is usual for comets and asteroids to cycle the Sun. Comets and asteroids sometimes can bring life to planets, it is a way of interaction between Stars and Systems. The sky objects always influence People and Earth as they have physical interaction with us and our Planet and Sun. In the past history there were much bigger and brighter comets on display over this Planet, some even exploded turning the night sky into broad daylight sky.

Yet right now are the time for Great Changes on this World, so as You may have guessed this comet is a special one. It is one of those signs that Humanity can guide with it’s United Thought. Like I was told, One gave the possibility for humanity to choose how the comet will behave and Ison made it around the Sun very close to it, although it could have gone melted, but it survived. The astronomers were “sure” it would dissipate, yet their small will was not enough.

Although Ison not completely survived, still a great sign of United Thought, like People’s Wishes it were. Many People wanted to see it, but the Will wasn’t high, so comet made it in the way You see:)

Sometime in the far future, after all of this suffering and trials will gone, humanity will be able to steer objects only by using thoughts, even such distant like comets. Right now Humanity is having only a small friction of such power, yet it is always there and is available to use:)

Here are videos of survived Comet Ison, NASA officially announced this comet a dissipated comet

Click here.

And here.

Much Peace and Understanding! / link to original article

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