TheOne-DreamDreamer – What Is The Point In Living Life? – 1 December 2013


What is the point I wonder… if the only reason seems to be to leave! Pardon me but I do not get it. I keep seeing and listening to people that say they’re done with this life (so called spiritual people, light workers, shaman, way showers…) and more than anything that they will never come back once they leave.

I have news for you: You will come back. You will actually run back! Not because you’re nuts but because you spent ages in co-creating this amazing change, this almost unbelievable evolution of human kind, of a whole planet and beyond and you will not want to miss it for anything in the whole universe! For the whole universe for you is right here and right now. And the fact you still cannot remember it means you still cannot trust yourself!!

Because you, you, yes you are the one that choose to come. The fact that you got  a bit sidetracked while here and started believing your soul had been taken over by some beings agains GOD (which does not make an inch of sense by itself given that GOD is all that IS) and were put here against your will is only a little delay in your own schedule. But you can fix this is a matter of seconds if you so choose. By getting into that sacred space you only know and you only can reach that is the GOD IN YOU.

Believing you were kidnapped or punished means you still do not comprehend the way a soul, a spirit, GOD and this whole universe functions. Which is fine. There is no rule that says you have to. But it would become easier for you if you started trusting your self and your real intuition instead of getting constantly lost into what is written and talked about in fear based circles that mimic exactly that what they want to get rid of.


This simple statement should already be enough for you to know. To under_stand. TO re_member your SELF. Your LOVE. Your SACREDNESS. Thus the sacredness of ALL BEINGS.

Things are moving fast now. The choice that has been made on the planet has placed all of it into new perceptions fractals and thus all you think becomes real faster… you see it sooner. Watch your thoughts or if you keep asking to leave you might do so. But I can tell you for sure you would do so only to jump back in as soon as you get to the other side. Because you came to BE THE CHANGE and SEE THE CHANGE. Right here, right Now, right out of You!

To hold on when all seems to crumble, to learn new ways of balance when the old ones can’t keep you steady. To enhance your sight when it appears to become darker and to remember yourself you always have two hands at your disposal. With one you can reach out to get help, and with one you can reach out to give help. It is the chain that creates the unity that will crumble all boundaries.

Be patient. GOD is patient. It happens not in one day even if it can happen in one thought. Be what you expect. Then re-think and again Be what you expect. Give what you expect and take (yes take) what you expect. It’s a matter of balance. And of truth. And the Truth is you are transparent and eternal in the eyes of LOVE.

Love, You. link to original article

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