Deborah Taylor – Unhinged – 2 December 2013

shutterstock_92011340If someone were to ask me how I am lately, I would have to say; “Unhinged”.  Like an old barn door flapping in the wind, the hinges rusty and worn from trying to hold it together, I have finally let go.  I had to let go in order to be present.

Letting go of old stories that once held us together is a prerequisite for living in the moment.  Anything that gives even the slightest feeling of restriction, I’ve tried to release.  That feeling is a good indicator that your mind is getting in your way.  The mind will keep you from experiencing life without limitation.
Making choices in the moment is key now.  It’s important to be present. You never know how you are going to feel until the experience arises.  You can try and prepare yourself to be cognizant and make the “right” choices, but when push comes to shove, it’s you and you alone that decides the outcome of any situation, consciously or unconsciously.  You may look back in judgement, but honestly, if you’re living in the moment and utilize the tools available, you’ve lived the experience to the fullest.
We are so used to hedging our bets that being open and vulnerable can feel scary as hell.  We hoard precious metals or play the stock market in case of a financial meltdown, buy extra food in anticipation of a government shut down and stock up on candles and ham radios just in case we’re knocked off the grid.  ISON is making it’s way across the solar system and already we’re putting up resistance.
Our energies are waiting to expand but for some of us, it’s anticipation that waits in the wings.  Anticipation is simply playing out stories of the past that keep us from the present moment.  Instead of anticipating our lives we can simply allow; changing direction in the moment by feeling where you want to be, not “thinking” ourselves there.
As I said, I let go.  When you realize that there is nothing to hold onto that will keep you from the encounters of life, you come to terms with that moment of stillness.  Life is an experience.  That’s all and that’s everything.  Frequencies of well being are always available to tap into. No matter what happens, you are safe.  You are eternal.
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