John Ward – Hunt Balls: On The Conservative Right Wing, Changing The Law Is Always About Tilting The Playing Field – 2 December 2013

huntoffsidetitleHunt, Gove, Osborne and Grayling are beginning to make Harriet Harman seem positively libertarian by comparison

Let me make it clear at the start of this piece that I rarely sign petitions, and do not support many of the things that 38 Degrees gets animated about. But as we have seen before here at The Slog, this Government requires even more vigilance (in order to spot its under-the-radar tactics) than the last lot.

Jeremy Hunt’s career from start to finish has been one of nepotism and networking designed to give him a privileged and undeserved advantage. Of late we have seen him smarming up to A&E departments, while busily closing them. But the Save The Lewisham Hospital campaign stopped Jezzer Typo from closing services at Lewisham Hospital: they took him to court, and they won.

Hunt appealed the decision, but lost again.

So now, having been told twice that he acted illegally, he’s trying to change the law. He wants to bring in a “hospital closure clause” to give him new legal powers to shut A&Es like Lewisham. And as usual with Camerlot, it is being done under the cover of a much larger piece of legislation to minimise the chances of anyone noticing.

In short, he’s trampling all over our Health needs in the same way that Gove is riding roughshod over rules that allow for local decision-making, and Grayling is trying to shut bloggers up by making it cost-free to sue all of us about anything.

If you want to sign the 30 degrees petition about this latest sneak-attack on our liberties, it’s at

To do so doesn’t mean you’re a loonie leftie. It just means you respect decency, the Rule of Law, and personal freedoms. / link to original article

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