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Egypt.com – Court Acquits 16 Brotherhood Protesters – 2 December 2013


Boulaq Aboel Ela Misdemeanor Court acquitted, Sunday, 16 defendants belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood from charges of assembling, thuggery, and disrupting public transport on the anniversary of the 6 October War victory.

The defense requested the acquittal of defendants due to the vagueness of the charges. The court of first instance had sentenced the defendants for 3 years in prison.

The security forces had arrested the defendants during clashes between pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters and security forces on the anniversary of the 6 October War victory.

by Almasry Alyoum

www.news.egypt.com/ link to original article


TheAustralian – Tony Abbott’s $1B Gonski Fix In Schools Uproar – 2 December 2013

The Australian

By David Crowe and Sarah Martin

TONY Abbott will pour another $1 billion into schools over the next four years to quell a political storm over a breach of promise on education while offering a new pledge that no school will be worse off as a result of his actions.

Reversing the position set out by his Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, just days ago, the Prime Minister outlined new spending deals as he turned the attack on Labor in parliament for cutting the funding before the election.

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BusinessInsider – Gold Is Breaking Down Again – 2 December 2013

Gold is once again threatening to go down the tubes.

It’s nearing the $1200 level, which it very briefly breached in June.

November was a terrible month for the yellow metal, and in the early hours of December, this month isn’t looking good either.

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Revolution Template: Ukrainian Protests Follow Serbian, Georgian Paths – 2 December 2013

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It looks as if protesters in Ukraine can topple the government, and it’s not clear whether the president has the stomach or the intellect to control the situation there, Mark Almond, an Oxford University historian, told RT.

Almond believes that these protests are part of Ukraine’s economic difficulties. But association with Europe “would stimulate an economic downturn and more mass migration, rather than reform process, which would improve life,” he believes.

RT: It does look like protesters would like to topple the government. Do you think it is likely to happen?

Mark Almond: It is possible. There is a template that they are following, which happened in Belgrade in Serbia in 2000 and in Georgia in 2003: storm public buildings, hope to face a demoralized government. And it has to be said that the president of Ukraine zigzagged so much not just over Europe, but over the question of policing and it is not quite clear whether he has the stomach or the intellect to control the situation there.

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InquiringMinds – Messing With Our Money – Not A Useful Brain Cell In Sight – 2 December 2013

Inquiring Minds

Bank slams brakes on mortgages: Home loan rates could soar… but it’s good news for small firms and savers

  • Families could see cost of mortgage payments soar after Bank of England announced plans to drastically scale back Funding for Lending Scheme
  • Governor Mark Carney said clampdown was needed to cool housing market

By Becky Barrow


PUBLISHED: 23:52, 28 November 2013 |

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John Ward – How Tommy Cameron Made Miliband’s Bribe Disappear – 2 December 2013


The fundamental difference between the two Parties is that Labour invents tricks, and the Tories turn tricks Continue reading

John Ward – Autumn Statement : Why The OBR Is Neither Independent Nor Competent….- 2 December 2013

osborneobrfinal…and the Telegraph can no longer be taken seriously

It has been declared many times that Bourse-driven capitalism is something of an illusion that can only be maintained by trust and confidence. So when trust turns to distrust and confidence becomes discernment of a confidence trick, there really isn’t much hope of the system surviving – at least, not without a lot of unpleasantness. Continue reading