Lucas – The Bubble In The Bubble – Expanding Into The New – 3 December 2013

File:Bubbles Within Bubbles.jpgI have been talking in my insights for some time about the analogies of the bubbles.   We are in reality all in our resonance bubbles. We can break free of that bubble and level up into a new expanded bubble and do this till that new resonance field is great enough to pop again into a new one.

Not only is this for you but all other things surrounding you happening and on mega bubble level so to say also. As not only us are leveled up in our ocean of bubbles but we are also growing out of our collective  bubbles that have kept us in a certain construct of resonance that a mega bubble represented.

You will see it when you feel it and envision it. Our different ascension levels of multiverse will also expand till we grow out of that bubble to ascend into e new reality as collective. Your personal level of resonance can be still on a lower resonance level but you will go through your bubble in bubble growth till you get so far that you level up. You will get  your new bubble to expand in till completed that level.

So our constant foam of bubbles interconnected and in different sizes, levels and resonance fields is what makes up the nature of all that is so to say in an analogy explained. It is ok. We will find always the right bubbles to connect and grow with or into and grow.  Not only in your own but also your collective level bubble you expand till that also will pop to a new level in a new bubble.  The constant expansion and growth is going on.

The now felt disintegrating is the expansion limit we have reached and that needs to be bursting the bubble soon to let us go in a collective new bubble of experience.  It is all that is going on now.  So every drop of disintegration felt is in real just expansion till the limit of a growth cycle ends into growing out of it so to say. Pop.  So see it as it is. The negative seen or experienced is just a motor towards expansion like the positive is also.

It needs to come to center to end its growth cycle into popping in the new by compressing the resonance field back to a starting point of unity of all to expand from again in the new with all the experiences and knowledge and data available to you.

Maybe seeing it in an other way could expand your view into a new perception.

Love and Light, even with my personal things going on I can see that it is the expansion of the field of personal and collective growth as it is for you all.


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