Judith Dagley – New Moon, New Beginnings- Seize The Day! – 4 December 2013

judithA Hit of the Day from Judith

Wow, does this New Sagittarius Moon energy ever feel NEW!  When I felt into it, I immediately received such an enthusiastic “hit” about  it that I  decided to drop everything to share it with you. I’ll do so briefly, because this energy has me all fired up about my own endeavors today, but that’ll give you an opportunity to fill in the brevity with your own personal meanings in a way that’s most relevant for you.  See, already, there’s an example of  how positive and optomistic this energy is! It brings a very ”glass is half full” perspective to our vision, enabling us to see the opportunities within the mixed- bag of some very different ways we could also choose to experience whatever comes our way.

With the sun’s move out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius as well, there’s a lightness to the energy that is palpable after  Pluto’s ruthless scouring of the depths (or “shadow side”) within us.  Of course, that was invaluable, for it brought up all the yucky stuff that needed to be seen and cleared out of us, but it sure wasn’t that much fun.  Now, however, we get to reap the benefits. Jupiter’s expansive energy  allows us to expand our own vision, seeing the big picture in a grander way than ever before. Rather than feeling “stuck” behind the few decaying trees that blocked our vision–and are nicely cleared away now, thanks to Pluto’s relentless badgering!–we can see the potential of our terrain. We see it as reflections of the potential we carry within us, mind you, which is a wonderful energy for planting new intentions. Jupiter’s optimism has a lucky feel to it, so use it to plant them with excited belief in all the possibilities that will grow from them!

By the way, although “planting seeds” is usually how  I visualize setting intentions, this new Sagittarius moon has even inspired me to see the process in a new way. Rather than planting them, I got the image of using the Sag Centaur’s quiver of arrows to send my intentions out into the cosmos. I can see it already, the way each one will find the perfect inspiration, idea, opportunity, or form that is a match for the vibration of my intention, and release its energy to follow the arrow’s path right back to me! I am loving this image, so I’m sharing it in case you do, too. If not, set your intentions in a way that excites your own passionate belief in them, and go for it. This is a “you can’t possibly lose sort of energy”  so as long as you hold onto it– there’s no way you can possibly lose!


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